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I have always been a bit jealous when people told me about visual and very PHYSICAL spiritual awakenings. Until last night, my guidance has been quite subtle. 

Then this happened. I am still mindblown.

2 days ago I asked for very specific tools and something very VISUAL to help myself and my tribe to transcend into 5D, crystalline vibration. 
I knew from all the major spiritual leaders that a big shift is happening on Dec 20. And that it will feel like a SPLIT. Where everything from the old Earth will fall away. Only those who stay in 3D timeline will keep experiencing fear, battles, major struggles etc. 

I have felt my energy field shifting over the past year. I wanted to bring as many people as possible with me.

The synchronistic signs
The day after I asked for signs, I woke up seeing my sneakers from the 90’s with the brand “no fear” on them. I thought that was a bit silly. Later that day we went for a drive. And we passed an old car with a HUGE “No fear” sticker on it. 
That’s when I realized that fear has gone from my system. Completely. Ia m no longer capable of feeling fear. And I have had fear around leaving my children on this planet a couple of months ago. But now. NOTHING. Not even if I try. 

The download/awakening/upgrade
Are you ready for this? I am still trying to process the experience. It has changed my life forever. It’s in my sensory system and in every organ. I am forever changed. 

It was in the middle of the night. 
It woke me up. My whole body was shaking and buzzing. I saw it immediately. I knew that it was an energy upgrade immediately. I was informed that it was. I saw it. A big ray of energy streaming from above. 30 cm wide. Like a river. Charging into my system. It had codes, numbers, symbols, barcodes, lights and elements that I have never seen before. I felt it like electricity in my body. It took a long time. Probably an hour. I was just lying there. In awe. Receiving. 

After that, I was instructed to sleep. THE NEXT MORNING, MY BODY WAS FOREVER CHANGED. My energy field as well. My DNA was upgraded. I had shifted the timeline. I went into the garden. Barefoot on the frosty ground. The sun’s golden light was radiant. I knew things that I can’t explain. That’s when I was instructed to share this with you.

I have decided to do this in 2 different ways

1. A free meditation and audio explanation.

2. A 5 day cleanse and zoom meditation events in my membership.
My membership is open to people who have completed my Autism Turnaround Mindset Course. You can read more about it here: 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson