I have had a profound spiritual awakening and a deep healing experience. I went to a high-end Psychedelic retreat in Holland when I left, my PTSD, anxiety, irritation and fight/flight was GONE.

In this podcast I talk about the legal psilocybin experience and share my views on why plant medicine is traveling to the Western world to wake us up.

The retreat, I went to: 
Costs 1700 $ or 3 days.

I am organizing trips with more retreat time to prepare and integrate afterwards. Stay tuned on my Instagram and my lifeschool (link for education)

The books I recommend:

Some eloquently expressed thoughts from Dr. Gabor Maté on pre and post-ceremony guidance and integration:

“The visions the medicine brings to people can be beautiful, magnificent, and inspiring and engender the purest joy and gratitude; they can also be threatening, incomprehensible to the mind, and arouse terror. The emotions evoked can be gentle and soothing and suffused with peace and happiness; they can also be excruciatingly painful, frightful, and induce experiences of profound loss. The felt sense can be of ineffable freedom or of dark imprisonment. People can see and be their divine selves or be identified with the most diabolical elements of their personalities. Without preparation, processing and integration, the experience can be confusing and, for many, incomplete.”

“For reasons discussed above, in the North American, or more generally, in the Northern hemispheric setting, even the ceremony may not be enough. It is, for some, but may leave others bewildered. The deep psychological and spiritual dynamics potentially brought to our awareness during ceremony require guidance, both before and after, for their full integration. Even participants who have lovely experiences may not derive the complete benefit without some guidance and help with interpretation.”

“As one who offers such guidance, I am unconcerned with the subjective nature of a person’s process, whether or not he saw beauty or monstrosity, whether or not she felt relief or intense discomfort, joyousness or horror. What matters is the teaching in each person’s experience, and that teaching arises from their lives, their formative influences, their present situation, and their present needs.”

‘‘We ordinarily believe that we know who we are, what we are, what we are going to do, what life is about, what should happen,’’ writes the great spiritual master A. H. Almaas. ‘‘Inquiry means challenging all these things. Do we really know?’’

“From such a perspective it really does not matter that this person visualized beauty while another beheld trauma. We are not seeking this or that experience; we are seeking the truth in any experience. There are no ‘‘bad trips,’’ only opportunities to learn.”

“It is never the painful or frightening visions or emotional states that make a journey bewildering or disturbing—only the lack of meaning a person may be left with, for lack of proper guidance and support. Psychedelic experience in the right setting, helps to reveal meaning.”

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