My soulmate is my guest in this fascinating show about The BIGGEST missing link in the biomed, biohacking and neurohacker community.

We are talking solutions to love problems, health issues, children’s school struggles, autism, dyslexia and monogamy.

Iphones, Ipads, passive lifestyle indoors, porn and dopamine driven lives is ruining our families, our children, our relationships and (if we don´t do something about it), our brains.

Underdeveloped cerebellum is the root cause for problems with reading, writing, concentration, relationships, health, food and weight, intimacy and emotional control.

You can develop and mature the cerebellum via specific, physical exercises at ANY age because of the amazing plasticity of the brain. Yet nobody is talking about this.

You can reset, rewire and create more brain cells in the brain within the brain.

If supplements, diets and therapy has not changed the struggles with food, mood, learning, behaviour and relationships – your issue is probably neurological.

No one is talking about it. No one has told you what to do about it either. Until now.

Forget neurofeedback, brain training, brain-food, endless hours spent on therapy and supplements.

Go back and give your brain a second chance to hardwire the skills that has not fully been developed.

Don’t miss out on this eye opening conversation.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson