Autism Parent Love Crisis? Should You Stay or Go? Test It…If You Dare

Summer season is divorce season.  If you are feeling stuck and scared to make the decision, listen to this podcast.

I will cover:

·        What happened the day I told my children that I was divorcing their father.

·        How to test whether your relationship can transform into something beautiful again.

·        How to save a relationship before it is too late.

·        The 4 things you MUST know before EVER getting a divorce.

·        How to tell for sure that this relationship is over.

·        Why staying for the sake of others (especially kids) will backfire.

·        The hidden reasons why most relationships in special needs families end up in divorce.

·        How to leave without any drama and grow a healthy friendship with your ex.

·        How to create a ritual to allow grief and every emotion to be expressed as a beautiful way of celebrating the end of a family structure.

·        My divorce story and my 5 best tips to test if you should stay.

Most autism mamas get to a point of exhaustion in their relationships.  How do you know if your relationship is over?

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson

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