MINDBLOWING podcast episode.

Forget about water structuring machines and spiritual gurus. In this episode, you will be gifted with sacred, indigenous healing tools for your child and yourself. This will trump any biohacking tool, diet or biomedical intervention.

I am interviewing Sundancer and healer from The Sioux Tribe, Clint Frakes, who was adopted into the Lakota People as a young man. He is now working with the Medicine, the Medicine Wheel and he is facilitating sacred work at sacred water sites, participating in the rituals of his tribe, and hosting ceremonies in Arizona, where he lives.

You are also going to hear the sacred songs of prayer that you can use to inform your own water and use it for healing.

Clint Frakes hosted a ceremony and a medicine wheel for me and my soulmate when we were in Sedona and I cried my way through his work with prayer, songs, and water. If you have an open heart, this podcast episode will change your life.

This podcast will make you a better (and healthier) human being.

Learn how to reconnect to the elements from a member of the Lakota People.

Ready for the original method for structuring water and using sacred water as medicine the indigenous way?

  • You will learn how to work with the body of water using prayer, songs and indigenous rituals. You will learn why only women can use this medicine and how to do it.
  • Also, you will learn why we must stop saying that “we need to heal the Earth”. The earth does not need healing. We do.
  • You will learn how our pain, symptoms, and shame is linked to the collective disconnect from the elements.
  • Furthermore, you will learn how to use water to cleanse and change your vibration and why water is the substrate of Divine Intelligence.
  • You will learn how to stop being mindless and abusive when it comes to dealing with the water around us and within us.

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