Wow. This interview I did for Luke Storey about the new way of dealing with autism has had so much impact already. For me personally. For other moms. Also, for the autism mama community.

My inbox is flooded. The new take on diet, causes and turnaround stories gives mothers new hope when biomed, diets, protocols and expensive tests don’t give them results.

My heart is filled with gratitude. Also, I have been following Luke Storey since the beginning and way before he reached 3 million downloads.

Furthermore, I am so humbled by the Universe and my spiritual guides and the profound support I get. This meeting and the synchronistic events that led to me appearing on one of the biggest health podcasts in The U. S. (even though he was closed to new guests until the end of 2020) proves that you can manifest ANYTHING.


TOPICS DISCUSSED ON THIS EPISODE: (Luke Storey podcast notes)

  • Vaccines aren’t the root cause of the autism epidemic
  • The beautiful, unexpected, and only way of turning the autism epidemic around, starting with moms
  • Why the whole vaccine debate and the constant state of chasing someone or something to blame or the next magic supplement, protocol or shiny object to fix the symptoms is a massive sidetrack and distraction
  • How autism ended up healing PTSD for Ninka, connected her to her purpose and helped her find her twin flame.
  • Why the foundation for healing is outdoors and inside you and why no supplement, diet or doctor can help you before you accept the sacred message in ANY symptom
  • How moms can get addicted to autism and being a victim
  • 5 things you can do right now if your child has autism symptoms
  • Why changing or even reversing so-called “diseases” (including autism) is actually simpler than we think
  • How autism starts years before pregnancy
  • Why you can’t choose diet and supplements without knowing your biotype
  • How most popular diets, superfoods, and supplements can make many symptoms related to mental disorders worse
  • Why testing, detox, protocols, and doctors (holistic or traditional) + most “one-size-fits-all” clean diets, superfoods, and supplements DON’T work
  • Some new data that anyone with depression and mood swings will want to know
  • Crazy autism transformation stories you will find hard to believe
  • What autism and plant medicines like Ayahuasca have in common
  • The brain plasticity boosting exercises that helped Ninka’s son completely change the course of his education


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