Test the symptoms and secret signs that you are being initiated right now to heal autism (or anything else). 

Signs that you are a healer or a shaman.

Also, do you feel pushed to the limit? 

Feel like you can’t take it anymore? 

Furthermore, does it feel like your life is falling apart and you are broken by symptoms, problems, chaos, and crisis?

You are most likely being tested by the Universe and the Earth. 

Will you step into the healing or run away? 

Here’s how to check whether you’re actually being initiated – not broken.

Here are the shamanic signs that you have been chosen to be a healer for your child and the world. 

Learn how to spot and stop distractions and escape mechanisms that will block the sacred mission and your child’s healing. 

Often when we feel that we are breaking and we can’t take anymore we are actually being activated and awakened to do amazing healing work for our children and for the planet. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson