#65 Sioux Sundancer: The Healing and Sacred Spiritual Portals of Fire

In this episode, you are going to receive so much sacred information and actionable healing tools from Clint Frakes, who is a Sundancer for the Lakota people (Sioux) from Sedona, Arizona. 

He will share:

A beautiful invocation and prayer that you can teach your children to heal through fire – the Mystical wisdom and the Divine or God. 

Sacred fire rituals that will get you excited to get started and try it out with your own family or tribe. 

Why it’s important for you and for your child to learn about the sacred and healing capacities of the 5 forms of fire. 

The metabolic and spiritual component of fire. 

Sun worshipping and the healing capacity of sunbathing and how your connection to the fire element affects your skin’s response to it (according to the indigenous people).

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson

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