Can acupuncture heal your stress and trauma? Do your childhood memories destroy your life by hanging on to you energetically? Also, do you want to let it go? Do you have spirit energy attached to your body or house and how do you release them? Do energy lines in your house steal your sleep, your focus, libido, and life quality?

You will know more after this podcast episode.

Listen to this amazing interview with Acupuncturists Barry Willams and Lisa Wilmot (former psychiatrist). Both from The College Of Traditional Acupuncture. Moreover, learn how an ancient (and forgotten) esoteric form of acupuncture healed my PTSD, trauma and hypervigilance in just 2 sessions. And how this form of treatment was lost to communist censorship but survived in England and the United States.

This episode took an unusual turn and it reveals one of the most profound, mystical, and healing experiences of my life.

In this episode you will hear:

How “5 elements acupuncture” and the “5 devil detox” literally can reset the nervous system. Also, to re-teach the body how it feels to be soft, relaxed, open and happy. It did for me.

Also, how it felt when Lisa ( a former psychiatrist, now acupuncturist) closed my third eye and blocked energy, stress, fear and anxiety left my body within an hour.

What it feels like in the body to go through this de-stressing, emotional detox and experience life without trauma, stress and tough experiences blocked in the body (and how my sexl ife has improved since).

Furthermore, what happens when acupuncture is not enough and why Lisa chose to call in her partner and expert in soul retrieval and spirit release techniques, Barry to guide the spirits that I had attached to me over to the other side (and why I cried like a baby during that session.

What happened when Barry and Lisa came to my house to do the interview and had to clear, check and fix my house before they could even do the interview because lay lines and spirit entities created confusion, chaos and blocked energy in the rooms where we work, sleep and make love. OMG. And how the house felt afterward.

Why you should consider 5 elements acupuncture, spirit release and house clearing/ blocking lay lines and waterlines under your house to improve your health, energy, creativity and life quality.

Caryn Cobyrne from Sydney Australia has been practising the 5 Element style for 24 years, the first 8 were in London.

Caryn trained at the college of Traditional Acupuncture.

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