#72: Microcurrent for autism, Inflammation, healing, and health.

In this podcast I answer a question I get A LOT:

What is the one affordable gadget that I LOVE and recommend?

What is the one thing that works for me, when I want to target both inflammation, oxidative stress, energy production, tissue repair, recovery, pain, infections?

The answer is…my  MICROCURRENT unit. 
There’s a reason why microcurrent therapy is a buzzword in the field of autism, beauty, pain and recovery. 

We are electrical beings and microcurrent seems to mimic the naturally occurring electrical currents in the body that stimulates healing.  

It’s a class A medical device and it has been tested in The USA and in Europe over 2 decades. 

I share why we have given it to people we love who struggle with chronic illness, pain, scar tissue,  inflammation or acute injuries and why we use it in this family. 

The information in the podcast is for educational purpose only, please consult a medical professional before trying any of the procedures or tips described in this podcast. 


Your code is ARC5147. All capitals, no spaces.

Get the device or more information here: https://arcmicrotech.com/

More about microcurrent:

Microcurrent for the healing of wounds

The many conditions that microcurrent can address:

Trials: Microcurrent for pain

Microcurrent for ATP production

The science behind it (by the company)



Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson

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