FINALLY! You asked we listened. I sat down and recorded an honest conversation answering all your burning questions about autism regarding my recovered son. Furthermore, he is 21, and with his brother Melvin, 18, my soulmate, and myself, we’ve converse through your questions. Moreover, apart from some private memories about our past experiences together, we talked for an hour about your obstacles. Also, how to overcome them.

Melvin is giving moms great advice on teenage health and being different. Also, how to deal with the fear of stepping over children’s boundaries, shame for wanting to change their children. Of course, all the challenges of being in the dark phases of an autism turnaround

He also tells moms why we MUST commit to this and how it feels to be a sibling (good advice for helping a sibling get through this. 

Pablo Bertram is answering questions about life after autism, his memories, his relationship with his brother, and his experience of all the changes he has been through. He was so amazing and truly surprised me during this interview. It moved me so much to have this conversation because it made me realize how far we have come. 

He also talks about confidence, friends, and relating to people in school (and how to deal with judgment).

Wynford answered all the questions about brain development, neuroplasticity, exercises to stimulate the brain, and the neurological part of the turnaround process. He covers stem cells, tantrums, stimming, social skills, and how misunderstood many of the autism symptoms truly are and how to address the root cause. 

He also covers the difference between Doman, Brain balance, and Zing Performance and dives into the hidden aspects of non-verbal autism. 

I talk about school, home-schooling, and what we did that had THE MOST effect on the autism turnaround process. 
I also talk about symptoms, healing, and the missing links in the autism recovery community. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson