If you are one of the sensitive people with a sensitive child and you are both experiencing increased symptoms – you will love this podcast episode about healing for autism.

An interview between Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson and Sigrid Garfield , who is a channel and a healer.

Feeling scared about your child’s symptoms or the current state of the World, masks, Governments and control?

In this episode, you will learn the tools to understand the message behind increased autism symptoms, sensitivities and the IMPORTANCE of fear.

You will also learn why and how everything brings important change.

Intergalactic healers to the rescue!!!!

The energies are shifting SO FAST. Indeed, we all need support and tools to cope. Also, to stay focused on healing for autism, and understand what is going on. That’s why I have invited Sigrid Garfield from Intergalactic Awakenings to bring healing. Furthermore, she is channelling specific messages directly from Mother Earth in this interview. Thus, that makes it an extraordinarily powerful episode.

Do you want to call up Mother Earth for advice about how to deal with healing-crisis, fear and overwhelm?

Also, want to know how to deal with sensitivity, fear of Governments, dark forces, separation, the future or your child?

Moreover, did you know that an increase in struggles and symptoms right now is actually a GOOD sign (signs that you are on the right track)?

Did you know that fear is MEDICINE? In fact, fear is important information. Consequently, it is forcing you to face everything instead of running away?

Without revealing too much I can say that Gaia – Mother Earth showed up to speak directly to warrior parents. It was very beautiful. Moreover, the healing session starts 51 minutes in if you want to skip to that section.

In this episode we also cover:

Signs that you are on the right track and things you do that will block your journey on the healing of autism.

Then, why judging old paradigms, “dark players”, governments, politicians and other people will harm you. Also, how to say NO THANK YOU in a conscious way.

Why more symptoms are a good sign – not bad signs.

Of course, the role of the autistic children, the star kids, and why judging, labelling them, putting them into boxes or protocols will bring stagnation – not healing.

Why our sensory system and our physical bodies are challenged right now.

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