This conversation between me and my soulmate – the love of my life was recorded in the beginning of the lockdown. We wanted to talk about love under pressure and offer some support for couples who are struggling right now. the relationship? Feeling claustrophobic, doubtful, irritable or tired of conflicts and arguments? 

Maybe you feel like you have been growing apart, maybe you feel needy, insecure or jealous. 

Maybe you are TIRED of the whole situation. 


In this conversation, we cover: 

👣 Why men are attracted to other women (a man’s perspective).

👣 Trauma and how to heal trauma in your relationship. 

👣 Why we lash out, become jealous and aggressive and how to heal together. 

👣 How to keep a safe environment.

👣 Should you leave or should you go? When do you know for sure that you are ready to let go.

👣 The portal for divorce and separation that no one talks about (keyword – grief).

👣 Why you shouldn’t get into a new relationship until you’ve done THIS ONE THING. 

👣 Fight and flight survival and hurt inner children. 

👣 The best form of therapy (that we tried). 

👣 How to generate more love in families. 

👣 Why I got divorced from my ex-husband. And how we handled it without creating rootlessness in our children. How desire and excitement can grow over time.

👣 Why “pretending” and playing games in bed and being a pleaser in bed can ruin the depth and juiciness sexually. 

👣 Why you need to heal your relationship with your body and heal your trauma to fully let go and surrender into a deep, soulmate connection and deep sexual experiences. 

👣 How can we cultivate love, desire, depth and a long-lasting bond to provide a safe family for our children? 

👣 Why everything that ISN’T love is coming up to be released. 

👣 My trauma that healed in our relationship. 

👣 How to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflicts.

👣 How to deal with neediness, jealousy, emotional instability.

👣 How the fear and tension in the world can amplify relationship challenges.

👣 Conflicts and challenges in the relationship. ANd how to heal and move through it.

👣The real reason why you meet (or grow) emotionally unavailable partners. And how to change it. 

👣 How your relationship to yourself affects the type of relationship you will attract.

👣 Neediness 

👣Compatibility and signs that you’re not.

👣 A quick test: to define your emotional stability and readiness for love. 

👣 The worthlessness of deserving unconditional love and why we’re not into open relationships (at all.)

👣 Staying in love, admiration, attraction that grows over time. 

👣 How to keep deepening the relationship year after year. 

👣 Why some men never feel attracted to other men and how to spot them (or grow that kind of commitment).

👣 Why superficial relationships aren’t long-lasting.

👣Signs that your relationship is unhealthy (physical signs and emotional signs).



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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson