Kelsey had accepted that she was going to be a sleepless caregiver for the rest of her life.

After his diagnosis, Sean would never sleep, she couldn’t take him shopping, he had constant meltdowns and he ran away and put himself in danger all the time.

So. being able to think about a future without fear is INCREDIBLE for Kelsy from Oregon, USA.

In this conversation, she tells me how she went from autism chaos to peace.

How long it took to turn everything around (including bad foods and a standard American diet) and overcome picky eating and push backs.

Exactly what steps she took to see results in 2 months after finding my podcast.

That moment when “his light went on and he started talking, bonding with his sibling, eat healthy food, laugh and LIVE.

The positive effect the healing has had on her relationship.

How to deal with critics and skeptics.

How it felt when the expert offered NO HELP and how she took matters in her own hands.

How healing Sean is changing her life.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson