This is my most requested topic. And it’s amazing. Brain plasticity is the new black in the autism community.

Brain development exercises that create more stem cells, more grey matter also helped us HUGELY in dealing with mood swings, sadness, anxiousness and aggression.

In this episode, where I am interviewing Wynford Dore (my soulmate), creator of Zingperformance.com.

We are going to cover:

Why modern, passive, indoor lifestyle, baby walkers, jumpers etc can cause learning difficulties later in life.

How simple, individualized exercises based on artificial intelligence can give the brain a second chance to deal with and overcome:

👣 Hyperactivity and rigidity.

👣 Obsessive behaviour and spinning.

👣 Emotional control issues.

👣 Poor decision making.

👣 Lack of social skills.

👣 Sensitivity to food, sounds, texture and stimuli.

👣 Picky eating.

👣 Self-sabotage and poor communication skills.

👣 Frustration.

👣 Impulsivity.

👣 Learning difficulties…

No, it’s not neurofeedback or brain training, Doman or anything like that.

You are also going to learn how exercises can actually create more stem cells and grey matter.

I am also sharing how this particular type of exercise helped my son finish his education, learn a new language, get a driver’s licence and a job.

We are also sharing other amazing success stories here.


Want to test the neurological root cause of your child’s symptom?

Check Wynford’s test here:
https://portal.zingperformance.com/autism-symptoms and his website:


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