Personal trainer Arianna and husband Abdul are influencers and go by the name “San Diego’s coolest parent’s and their son’s autism turnaround journey with me, prove that they ARE.

In this tear-jerking episode (we cried a lot) she shares:

How it felt when experts got her son evaluated for autism just before she found me.

How she diligently trawled through Instagram and Facebook knowing that “reversing autism” would be a censored hashtag to find proof that SOMEONE had turned autism around.

The ONE THING that saved her, and made the impossible turnaround possible even after the evaluation ended up confirming the suspicion of autism.

What she did to go from lack of language and connection, tippy-toe walking and classical symptoms to deep connection and these words from his teacher:
“He is no longer being evaluated for autism.”

Why they switched strategy from detox, focusing on the anger and the causes of autism, vegan diets and protocols to the barefoot autism warrior’s way and why that worked so well. 

The difference between then and now in Arianna’s life, nervous system, relationship and presence as a mother. 

What she answers when people ask “what did you do” and why most people aren’t ready for that answer 🙂

So far, no one has ever been able to listen to this podcast without crying. 

Listen now…

Listen to the podcast Arianna recorded with me before she started seeing results from using the tools, I shared with her. 


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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson