Below you’ll find a list of stories from autism moms that have implemented The Autism Turnaround Course and Coaching

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My son is no longer being evaluated for autism. I am so grateful for you.” 

I was researching the internet to find SOME FORM OF evidence that autism could be turned around. I needed to find someone who had done it to prove to me that it could be done. I knew that Facebook, Instagram and Google would have censored recovery stories, so I searched for podcasts instead. I found your podcast and I contacted you to interview you for my podcast

After that, I was just like..”Let’s GO.” 

I can’t even describe what you have done for me. 
I was crying when I looked at my husband recently and said: “This is what we wanted.”

We changed everything. We stopped the vegetarian diet and the protocols/supplements. I realised that he had so many messages for me and that the healing journey was much more about me leading the way than “fixing him”. 

My son is now engaging with us. He is changed. I will never forget the day his teacher came up to me and said: “He is no longer being evaluated for autism.”

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What do you do when your son keeps running away, banging his head on the walls and on the ground so hard that you pick up the phone to call an ambulance? Especially when you have tried EVERYTHING including Gluten/dairy-free diets, Nemechek and Gaps diets, supplements, and chiropractic?

Australian Emma is a doula and very health conscious, but even after 4 years of breastfeeding, natural birth, and a medicine-free childhood she was at her wit’s end. Nothing worked. Not even all the things seemed to work for other autism mamas. In this episode she shares:

What happened between November and February that lead to her partner saying: “Ninka is going to save our lives”. And how we did this together. Or rather – they saved themselves. The synchronistic events and the role of Luke Storey and The Life Stylist Podcast episode with me lead Emma to her truth.

The low point, the headbanging, the violence, and the shame and embarrassment in the nursery, and supermarkets because of the meltdowns. How and when she realised he had autism. The autism personality had her very worried and the extreme sensitivity ruined their lives. The scary change was when Otto turned the 12 months corner.

Feeling like a failure as a parent and the excruciating shame. The “typical healthy diet” made things worse. What it feels like to try EVERYTHING without results and the feeling of finally finding the things that worked for her child (and what it was).

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“Fewer Meltdowns, no eloping!” 

If you’ve ever broken down crying because you feel like you “just can’t do autism anymore”, You need to listen to this podcast, because autism mom Danielle knows what to do when despair hits you hard. 

She also brings hope to those who are struggling with stress from dealing with eloping, meltdowns in the grocery store or school and lack of social skills. Danielle recently watched her son deal with noise, kids screaming, and challenging and unpredictable situations WITHOUT meltdowns and that was a HUGE milestone that she wants to share with you so that you might experience the same. 

“I cried.” 

That’s how Danielle described her reaction that the day when she was finally able to take her son to an unplanned event at school and he didn’t have a meltdown.

“He didn’t push, elope or react when kids of all ages started pushing and screaming.  He also didn’t protest when he was given his usual plum, apples, and healthy treats while other children ate the pizza and candy that used to give him tantrums in the past. 

Even though you might think that Danielle is lucky – in this podcast episode she describes the days when “she just cries out to God because she “simply doesn’t want to (or know how to handle) autism anymore. 

Why? Because he’s still not speaking/communicating. 

Because the progress he’s made has taken 3 years. 

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“He’s hugging me now. The head jerking was so scary, and it melted away. I want to cry, Ninka.”

At some point, we’re crying during the call and that’s why we’re sharing this audio. We go through tough things as autism moms when we turn our children around. Sometimes it’s the most vulnerable truths that we DON’T want to share that end up saving another child. So we decided to send it to you. 

“He’s hugging me now. The head jerking was so scary, and it melted away. I want to cry, Ninka.” That’s what she said at the end of the conversation. But it’s her CONCLUSION that had me in pieces.

Because her son has lost severe symptoms like frequent head jerking/body spasms and is now hugging her, she is determined to share how that changed to bring hope to other moms. Mainly because she did things to herself that you’re probably doing as well. At this very moment.

She now knows that when we stop doing this ONE thing and replace it with something that feels really good (that you can do today without involving your child), you might also change scary symptoms. 


She turned the most stressful and devastating autism symptoms around with her son in nature by working on herself.” 

We’re talking rigidity, speech issues, aggression, lack of learning and focus, lining things up, and obsessions. Want to know how you can walk in her footsteps and copy her strategies? This interview is for you. After the autism diagnosis, Adriana wasn’t offered any help from the authorities and the traditional autism mama community was not for her. Too much victim mentality. Too much complaining In this conversation, she shares how she:

Improved picky and rigid eating habits.

Turned him from helpless to being able to do everything (including putting on clothes) himself.

Fell in love with sleeping and nature (and why both now are her favorite doctors.)

She used Mindset shifts, nature, and grounding to overcome her son’s symptoms.

Ended tech and gaming addiction and set healthy boundaries.

Stopped rigid and strange obsessions like lining up vegetables and fruits and obsessing over them as playmates.

Managed to implement habits to improve sleep, eating habits, attention span, and speech.

Went from relationship stress to peace by turning her son’s problems around.

Worked on her own ability to speak her truth and saw her son’s speech improve. And so much more.

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