How I went from a broken mom to turning autism around for my son. I have over 15 years experience in teaching moms to replace tantrums, screaming, and chaos with peace and normality.

My darkest moment

I remember my lowest moment like it was yesterday. I had shared a bottle of wine with my husband. We’d treated the kids to ice cream and bought candy for later. We’d eaten our usual pizza. Looking at us from the outside in, we looked like most families, except for my son who was just diagnosed at that time with infantile autism.

I was overweight, depressed, didn’t sleep well at night, and had cellulite and acne all over my body. I was unhappy in my marriage and as a mom. Life felt like a struggle, because I didn’t have the time to be the mom I thought I was going to be. I was irritable and quick to yell at my kids.

My wake-up call came when youngest son hurt himself that day. He was crying and needed comfort. I opened my arms, but he ran right past me to his dad. This had happened many, many times before, and I suddenly realized why. Children instinctively know when we cannot take care of ourselves and my son was protecting me. He was thinking, ‘it’s best not to bother her with my needs. I’m going to my dad instead.’ This was my point of no return. I needed a change and I needed it now.

The struggles of autism

My autistic son made no eye contact with us and he didn’t want any physical contact. All he did was line things up and have extreme fits of anger. He didn’t sleep at night. He was constantly coughing. He was violent. He was in a life and death ‘danger zone’ all day long. I was exhausted from keeping my eyes fixed on him every minute of the day, but if I didn’t, I was fearful something awful would happen.

Our friends started to say, “We think you need to think about putting him into an institution because he is truly ruining your family. You’re breaking. You’re falling apart in front of our very eyes.” Deep down inside I knew this was true. I also knew that I could not give up on my child.


Fed up with mainstream “experts”

I met ‘experts’ and other moms and noticed among them a great sense of victimhood–everyone wanted a diagnosis, financial support, and coping strategies. Everyone was looking for something or someone to help save them.

None of the doctors asked about my child’s lifestyle or diet. Nor suggested anything we could do to help him sleep better at night or relieve him from some of his physical symptoms – gut issues (constipation and diarrhea), night terrors, eczema, sensory issues, confusion, sensory processing issues.

I followed mainstream ‘experts’ and therapists’ advice from day one. The more I followed the rules from my doctors and the nurses, the worse my child felt. I was frustrated, exhausted, and I felt like I was failing my son.

Looking for other answers

I knew that there had to be answers somewhere. I just knew that this couldn’t be it. It could not be the way life was just “going to be” now. As a journalist, I started researching. I traveled around the world to attend medical conferences from doctors who specialized in nutrition and lifestyle for autism. Diet; especially a diet of processed food, toxins, heavy metals leads to gut issues, nutrient malabsorption, dysfunctional mitochondria, a poor detoxification system, and weak liver and kidney function. They taught me that when you remove triggers, change the environment and address the underlying biomedical issues, you can turn autism around. I could feel my heart beating fast and hope restored. I had found a way to help my child.

I returned home and I purged my house of everything that was toxic or processed. Out with the gluten, dairy, sugar, food coloring, chemicals and toxic personal care products. I even threw out the TV!

This was the first day in the life of our transformation — the clearing process that quite literally saved my son’s life…and my own.

I got my child back

Starting over (bye-bye processed foods, gaming, toxins, and un-natural ‘zoo life’) was only the beginning. I quickly realized that even the well-meaning biomedical community has huge gaps and missing links. No protocol (not even Gaps, Nemechek, Medical Medium, Feingold, SCD, keto or paleo) works for every child in the long run. So many supplements and superfoods made my child worse.

I had to find a way to respect his bio-individuality, understand him and overcome picky eating and overwhelm. I succeeded and found the method that is not even available anywhere in the community to this day.

And incredibly, we started to see massive change. Our children began sleeping through the night. They stopped coughing and no longer needed medication. And then the big one – my son started to make eye contact…He was coming back to us!

Back to basics

Our whole family went on this diet and lifestyle journey. We moved out of the city, we went outside every day, grounded our feet to the earth, felt the fresh air on our faces. We spent time in the sunlight instead of blue light from screens.

Our child came back to us. He stopped being aggressive. He became loving. He wanted hugs again, which was amazing after no contact with him for years. He started to have a relationship with his brother.

I changed too. I lost all the excess fat on my body, got rid of cellulite and acne, my depression and anxiety vanished. Our healing journey was working.

My life purpose

I knew that this was my life purpose. I needed to help other families get the tools that I used to help my son and I’ve spent 10 years doing exactly that. My best-selling book sold 180,000 copies in Denmark (equivalent to sales of about 6 million books in the US.) I’ve helped thousands of families through my online courses.

I created the Barefoot Autism Warriors courses and community to help heal and inspire women and families to get back to the way that Mother Nature intended us to live, eat, breathe, and raise our children.

Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson

It’s your turn

Deep inside my soul I knew that I had the answer within me. Your intuition as a woman is infinite. Your self-healing capacity is infinite. Your soul knows. Your inner voice knows.

And I’m here to support you all the way. You are not alone.

Start turning autism around now