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Autism Lifestyle Change & Motivation


How can grounding outdoors help my autistic child?  In this interview, Clint Ober shares:  Why shoes and indoor, modern lifestyle is making autistic children worse and how living "ungrounded" is the underlying cause of most…

Autism Lifestyle Change & Motivation

HOW FOOD AND NUTRIENTS CAN HELP ANXIOUS, HYPERACTIVE TEENAGERS When anxiety, autism, aggression, anger, hyperactivity and depression is not a mental disorder but a nutritional, biomedical crisis. When we realised that there was a connection between my oldest son’s autism, my youngest son’s…

Autism Lifestyle Change & Motivation

How to deal with autism regression & plateaus.

5 things to ask yourself when your child regresses into autism symptoms and how to get back on track. Regression is heartbreaking. No matter if your child went from normal to autistic behaviour for the…

Autism Lifestyle Change & Motivation

Do You Wonder Why Autism Happened to You?

In the beginning, I was angry. I wanted revenge. I wanted justice. I needed to find out who had DONE this to my child. Was it the doctor? The food industry? The hospital? The nurse…

Autism Food & Nutrition

Before You Choose a Practitioner, Ask These Questions

When people ask me to recommend an experienced Walsh practitioner to take them through autism turnarounds, my answer is:There isn’t anyone in Scandinavia that I would personally go to. There’s one in Europe, I can recommend…

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Turn Autism Around

What you need to know right now to start healing yourself and free your child.