Autism Turnaround Path


What if you could prevent suicide, depression, anxiety, and panic for your autistic child (and your family as a whole) by attending a summit? Our children are at high risk of dying young, struggling with mental health, addictions, and criminal behavior…But there’s help out there. You’re just rarely finding it in the mainstream system. That’s why you really need Integrative Health Summit 2022 as a piece to your complete healing puzzle. 

Before I met Albert Mensah and found William Walsh’s work (and implemented it in my Autism Turnaround Journey) I didn’t know how EXTREMELY dangerous and/or healing foods and nutrients can be. I also didn’t know how understanding bio-individual nutrition, copper toxicity, Pyrolle Disorder, and biotyping literally can mean the difference between life or death. 

Autism/Mental health epidemic. 
Before 2020 25% of adults were struggling with a mental health condition. The stressors, isolation, and uncertainties that began with the Covid chaos have led to a rise in mental health conditions by 40 %. 

There are several reasons why Integrative Health Summit 2022 should be on the to-do list for all autism families. I’m extremely honored to be invited as a speaker alongside Dr. Albert Mensah, Judy Bowman, William Walsh (the experts I have learned so much from and respect deeply), and renowned Psychiatrists, psychologists, and dieticians that treat mental health holistically/nutritionally. 

Watch my interview with Dr. Mensah about the story behind the summit and suicide prevention.

Suicide prevention and a good life for your child
One of the main reasons to join is that your child (and you) probably are dealing with the same underlying problems that led to the death of a young man whose parent’s didn’t get this kind of help in time. He committed suicide because undermethylation (which 90-99% of autism families deal with unknowingly) can lead to deep depression.

His family’s loss & grief and a genuine longing to prevent mental health disasters in other families led to the collaboration between Journey’s dream and Mensah Medical, and the result is this summit. 

Get the cutting-edge help
you won’t find anywhere else..

Accessing mental health care and support is still a challenge for many people, particularly those looking outside the traditional model of managing symptoms with medication.

And yet, a body of research supports and validates the use of integrative strategies for treating mental health concerns by addressing root cause imbalances in the body that affect brain functioning and symptom presentation. The summit is affordable for most families because we really want to get this knowledge out to the people who need it the most.

I hope to see you HERE

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson