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Join me behind in this honest documentary, taking you behind the scenes, follow me into the hospital, before and after surgery, watch my pictures and my journey to beat breast implant illness, and get my natural, small breasts back.

Learn why breast lifts, fat transfer, and most cheaper procedures are not worth the risk. 

I am a journalist and I am SHOCKED. 

Shocked because of what they found around my “safe” implants.
There are NO safe implants – there is a great branding and a lot of money in a business that’s still succeeding in selling implants that have always been unsafe to women as “improved and safe”. 

Shocked because I have been digging into the medical device/implant industry and uncovered how corrupt it is and how many women’s lives they ruin because they put profit over health and safety and I have PROOF.

Shocked because many women are getting their explants removed THE WRONG WAY and are exposed to dangerous surgery procedures – and suffer for life because of this. 

Shocked because surgeons are still using the toxic, so-called “safe” implants and I have seen hundreds and hundreds of women get sick as I did. 

Shocked because no one tells you how to prepare, what to eat, what supplements to take, and what gadgets to use to minimize risk, scarring, and pain. 

I documented my full explant story 

Do you want mine before and after pictures (breasts and scars and how I look) and my full breast implant illness supplement and diet protocol before and after to minimize scarring and pain? 

Do you want to know what to ask the anesthetist and the surgeon in order to choose the right team, and the right procedure for your explant?

Do you want the truth about the ethics and dark secrets of the medical device industry and understand why we can’t trust them when they say that anything is safe?

Do you want a full list of “do’s” and “don’t” – from choosing a surgeon to supplements, gadgets, and detox tips to minimize pain and scarring and speed up the recovery process?

Do you want to know why you should avoid breast implants and get them out NOW if you have them and exactly how to do it?

Let’s go. 



Breast implant illness resources, links, surgeons, and research:

My surgeon, the amazing Guy Sterne, United Kingdom:

The medical device scandal documentary “The bleeding edge” (Netflix)
Youtube Trailer ” The bleeding edge”
Johnson and Johnson lawsuits (The company behind Mentor implants).

Breast implant illness (all implants will cause issues).

The microcurrent unit, I used for pain and scarring
Bring and use straight after surgery and start at level 1  – 2 months before surgery.

The diet before and after surgery
( am sticking to this for life, because of what they found inside my capsules)

No grains
No alcohol
No industrial seed oil or margarine (soy, canola, rapeseed oil, vegan butter, etc)
No gluten, dairy or sugar.
No vegan or other extreme diets (you can’t heal on a vegan diet.)

Eat organic:
fish, meat, chicken, game, lamb.
Eat vegetables, raw and cooked. All kinds. 
Eat fruit and berries in small amounts. 
healthy fats are duck, goose, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and butter if tolerated. 
Limit glutamates if possible. 
Don’t eat too much methionine if you suspect cancer or have cancer in the family. 

Supplements, I took and brought for after surgery as well. 
Make sure that B12 levels and D3/K2 levels are optimal.
(Don’t accept laughing gas/nitrous oxide during surgery as it will deplete b12 and it’s very risky.)
I used: Solars b12 (sublingual) but Kirkman has great options too.
DLUX spray is a great source for D3/K2 

Note that glutathione can cause mood swings, anxiety, sadness, etc because of the negative feedback loop for serotonin/dopamine. For me, it was worth it anyway for detoxification.

Glutathione patches

Or: 2 x daily

After glutathione, I’d take a binder 15 minutes later (for example Quicksilver scientific Ultra Binder.


Beyond Balance TOX-EASE (requires a professional practitioner’s prescription). For methylation support, so you need to know if you are undermethylated to use this.

I brought 1 liter of mineral water straight after surgery.
Bloodclot prevention

Purified water


Licorice tea

Green tea extract

Essiac tea:

Anti-cancer research:

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson