Autism Mama: Body, Soul, Mind


The reason why I am grateful that autism showed up in my family is that it’s badass.⁣⁣It says: “Let me show you the truth in a way that can’t be ignored.”⁣⁣ “Let me show you who you’ve become and who you truly are”.⁣⁣ And so it does. It keeps you up at night. This drives you to the point of exhaustion in a tsunami of spinning, screaming, meltdowns, tantrums, and physical reactions.

⁣⁣It ignores you and forces you to run like hell to avoid near-death situations. ⁣⁣It eliminates small talk and puts you into a state of survival and fear for the future. ⁣⁣Why?⁣⁣ Because autism does not need your acceptance. It needs you to wake up. It needs your wisdom, remembrance, and awakening.⁣⁣ You have to get to the point of absolute exhaustion in order to fully SURRENDER and change your life and the way you live it.⁣⁣

Personally, without a complete breakdown and full surrender, I would still be asleep, living in the city, dead inside, eating crap, and disconnecting from my truth, pain, and purpose.⁣⁣ When I surrendered, moved, changed, and healed, autism stopped being loud. This could be the case for you too. The symptoms were messengers and when I listened, their job was done.

⁣Autism doesn’t give a damn about rules, authorities nor how we normally behave. ⁣⁣In fact, it’s here to burn that shit to the ground.⁣⁣ It can’t stand medicine, supermarkets, toxins, loud noises, lies, and un-natural life indoors. ⁣⁣It spins, holds its ears, checks out, and screams like we all would if we were equally honest and tuned in.⁣⁣ It loves animals, nature, truth, unity, pure hearts, and honesty.

⁣⁣When you are around a person who embodies autism you have probably felt that pure energy and raw truth. No games, hidden agendas nor bullshit. ⁣⁣Autism doesn’t appreciate it when we treat ourselves, our inner children, nature, and our soul badly.

⁣⁣Autism is the medicine and surrender is the key to healing. That’s what I think.

How about you? ⁣⁣

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson