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Writing this list made it SO CLEAR TO ME that I have to translate my book into English. My book is missing on this list. I am a bestselling writer (In Danish) and the book about my family’s transformation and healing my son from symptoms sold 180k copies in Denmark That’s the equivalent of a bestseller in the USA selling 3 million copies.

And it’s time to write that book about how I turned autism around – because it compresses everything from all these books (and so much more) into one success-path. Stay tuned for that one.

“What books that have helped you during your son’s autism turnaround process and made a huge impact on your life? Which books do you hand to sceptics?”

That’s the second most asked question in my mailbox. 

Picture of me and my son before and after the turnaround process

And….honestly. I battled with this. Because…..I am a journalist. I research, study, listen to podcasts and read ALL the time. And I have done since 2005 when I decided to say “screw you” to the established autism community and go heal my son – despite their lies about “autism being for life.” That’s a lot of books. It’s hard to choose the most important ones. But here’s my best attempt.

Autism is an awakening process.
Books CAN help you (and convince skeptics.)

I wish the experts who diagnosed my child had given me this booklist BEFORE they gave him a diagnosis that he might have escaped earlier if I had started reading and begun my turnaround process earlier. 

Books are part of the awakening process for us autism mamas when Doctors, therapists and experts hold on to myopic views and doomsday predictions.

I know that the old school autism community love blue puzzle pieces to illustrate this wake-up call commonly known as “autism”. And the turnaround process is a wakeup call alright. But YOU are the collector of all the pieces of the puzzle. They don’t know about most of the pieces of the healing puzzle anyway. And books can absolutely help you find them. 

How books help me save my child, my body and my life.

Here’s the most important lesson about autism that goes above and beyond books and reading: There’s no “one cause – one solution” when it comes to autism. There are 5 main underlying messages behind autism symptoms (and any symptom/problem in life, really). You need to dive deeper into all 5 categories if you truly want to change things. 

The 5 underlying messages behind autism symptoms are:

1. Mindset and consciousness changes needed. 

2: Nature deficiency causing symptoms. 

3: Emotional healing needed. Children and symptoms express what we suppress. 

4: Change the environment (we can’t heal the in the environment that got us sick. 

5: Adjust the nutrition and supplements to fit your bio-individual needs. 

You can read more about this in my podcast and downloadable guide HERE

I have decided to organize this book guide to fit the 5 underlying messages behind autism.

Books to change your mindset and consciousness. 

“Be careful what you pray for” by Dossey, MD.

Can listening to (and believing) doctors and other parents who say ” autism is for life, there’s nothing you can do about it” actually destroy your child’s chances for recovery? If you are following the wisdom of this book  and combine it with the science of placebo – the answer is YES. 

I had to learn the hard way ….what we believe – we create. This book puts it into perspective and it’s a must-read if you want proof that the power of beliefs and mindset is REAL. 

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Books about healing in nature.

“Earthing” by Clint Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra. Martin Zucker.

Autism is linked to nature deficiency. We healed our child by moving away from the City and by getting our child into nature. Daily. This book explains WHY that was important for his turnaround process.
Earthing may be as fundamental as nutrients, air and water to our wellbeing. 
grounding outdoors (in the daylight) is probably THE MOST effective, free tool for autism symptoms (and any other behavioural and physical issue. 

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“The Circadian Code.” by Dr Sanchin Panda

If you are struggling with sleep issues, anxiety, weight, appetite, mood and behavioural problems – chances are that you are violating the circadian code – and that’s making you (and your child) sick and mentally distressed. 

Every organ in the body has a clock. We have clocks in the eyes and on the skin. These clocks respond to light and time the many different functions of the organs. Our modern, indoor lifestyle and the mismatch-lifestyle that we live (like caged animals trapped indoors and in cities) makes us SICK. 
This book should be part of the curriculum in every school. Every parent should be forced to read it. I feel that the wisdom in this book literally can save lives.

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“The Nature Fix” by Florence Williams

I truly believe that the forest and the ocean assisted me and my son in the recovery process. I felt intuitively drawn to take him outside every day. We ran outside. We slept outdoors. We exercised and walked outside. In this book, you can learn more about the healing capacity of nature. 

What can you learn from trees? A lot more than you can learn from doctors. In my opinion. 
Trees get sick and stressed when they are planted in unnatural environments. They don’t thrive in cities. They need their tribe around them. Much like human families, tree parents live together with their children, communicate with them, and support them as they grow, sharing nutrients with those who are sick or struggling and creating an ecosystem that mitigates the impact of extremes of heat and cold for the whole group. As a result of such interactions, trees in a family or community are protected and can live to be very old. In contrast, solitary trees, like street kids, have a tough time of it and in most cases die much earlier than those in a group.

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Books to assist your healing process/inner journey.

“The Autism Turnaround Mindset’ by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson

I have to say that the emotional part of the healing journey is HUGE. It’s not something you are going to learn (or heal) by reading a book. I take people through my Mindset course followed by the Turnaround Tribe membership integration process (which takes months). So I am not going to give you a quick fix here. I think that the best way to understand the concept is by reading my free ebook and go through my free on-demand training videos HERE.


“The 4 Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz

This book is not only a favourite of mine – my son loves it as well. This book is BEAUTIFUL and so simple. 
If you follow these 4 agreements, your life WILL improve and get easier.
The book covers the following 4 agreements: 

1. “Be impeccable with your words.”
2. “Don’t take anything personally.”
3. “Don’t make assumptions.”
4. “Always do your best.”

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“Turning To One Another.” by Margaret J. Wheatley.

I think that this book is more important than EVER (even though I found it years ago.) I also feel that the author’s words describe why so beautifully:

 “I believe we can change the world if we start listening to one another again.” I still believe this. I still believe that if we turn to one another, if we begin talking with each other – especially with those we call stranger or enemy – then this world can reverse its darkening direction and change for the good. And I know with all my heart that the only way the world will change is if many more of us step forward, let go of our judgments, become curious about each other, and take the risk to begin a conversation.

Our twenty-first-century world is descending into aggression, fear, and separation. War, genocide, violence, slavery, pandemics, poverty, natural disasters – all these are commonplace in this new century, despite most people’s deep longing to live together in peace.

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Books to help you understand that you can’t heal in the environment that god you sick. 

“You’re not sick – you’re thirsty.” by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

The best quote, I have read about this book is this: Don’t treat dehydration with medication. Ain’t that the truth.

If only every parent (every human being actually) would follow the instructions in this book – we would heal faster and be healthier. Period. 
The sacred message of and the medicine of water is indisputable. 
Adjusting salt and water intake is KEY to prevent diseases, avoid expensive drugs and achieve vibrant health.

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“Horse boy” by Rupert Isaacson

I can’t even describe how much I love this book. This book describes the complexity of autism as the environmental, existential, biological, emotional rite of passage that it truly is.

It describes nature deficiency and the biology of healing better than any scientist.
It describes unconditional love and God’s miracles better than any preacher.
It describes THE ART OF OVERCOMING better than anyone else.
It describes the UNIQUE healing journey for every child. We all find our way.
I am so in love with this family, their bravery, the way they found purpose through incredible hardship and their autism turnaround story.

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“Nutrition and physical Degeneration” by Weston A. Price

Want to know WHY we get sick from a modern lifestyle and food that isn’t naturally available to us?

The bible for those who want to prevent and understand degenerative diseases.

Want to know why it’s NOT meat or even in some cases dairy that destroyed us – it was migration.
This book describes how changing the environment and diet literally degenerates us. It’s a classic for a reason. With amazing photos it documents the degeneration of bones, teeth and health of indigenous people who changes their native, ancestral diet and adopted a modern diet of processed foods that didn’t fit their biotype.

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Books about biotypes, bio-individuality and nutrition. 


I really think that William Walsh’s work is important. I do want to add a caviat to this recommendation. He (and everyone else in the field of autism) has missing links and gaps. Some children are helped by his system. Some are not.
It’s not the “golden key” for every child. Just as “Walsh practitioners” isn’t always a guarantee that these people are experienced and successful enough to earn a recommendation.

You can’t take this book and use it as a protocol. You can’t even take the supplements recommended for natural, drug-free, and effective therapies in the book. It’s also not my experience, that the supplements do not produce severe side effects. Some of them do.

Why do I recommend the book, then? If I wouldn’t follow the protocols?
Because this book is invaluable if you want to understand SOME (not all) of the underlying causes of autism symptoms. The book proves that the current diagnostic procedure for autism and the psychiatric field has failed, is EXTREMELY outdated and dangerous. This book will help you understand why the established system says: “There’s nothing you can do”. They are not trained to look for the underlying nutritional and biochemical aspects of mental issues. That’s why this book is important.

Chapters include:

·       Brain Chemistry 101

·       Epigenetics and mental health

·       Schizophrenia

·       Depression

·       Autism

·       Behavioral disorders and ADHD

·       Alzheimer’s Disease

·       And more!

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This book should be part of the curriculum in Medical School.
I have said this for a long time: “There’s no such thing as one size fits all solutions, diets or supplements. EVERY person is unique and have unique nutritional needs.
There’s no such thing as an average person. We are all biochemically unique.

Dr. Roger Williams, a world-famous biochemist told us 40 years ago that anatomy and metabolism varies HUGELY from person to person. And the world is JUST catching up.

In this book, you’ll learn:

Why some people get FAT on low fat diets.

Why some people need higher amounts of certain nutrients than others to be healthy.

Why some of us are better at detoxifying drugs and chemicals.

Why cancer genes responds in different ways to diet and environment.

Why some people get sick, turn to addiction or get diabetes.

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How can anyone in the autism community (especially the critics who say: “recovery isn’t real and diets don’t work” IGNORE this book? It BAFFLES me .

It’s a great book about WHY lifestyle and food matters. Why some children can lose symptoms by addressing underlying issues. And how to understand the missing link in the traditional perception of autism.

Warning: Before you read!

Before you get too excited, though, I want you to keep in mind that Herbert does not have all the answers and there are outdated advice and information in the book (as well). The approach is a bit old school in it’s “one size fits all” approach to food and diet. We know so much more about bio individuality now. If you want to become an expert in YOUR child’s specific needs, join my courses here:

With that said – this is a GREAT book for beginners and sceptics. It gives an excellent all-round overview of all the things that the established autism community misses out on BIG TIME. She also documents how to get the child to best possible outcome and the many underlying issues that can lead to symptoms.

It tells you the opposite of what negative mamas and expert say. And that is “THERE”S A LOT THAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP YOUR CHILD.”

Herbert isn’t alternative. She is not from the Holistic Healing Community. She is a hard core scientist and researcher from Harvard Medical School. In interviews she often says: “Children lose their diagnosis. It happens.”

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GUT – The international bestseller. by Giulia Enders.

An amazing book – it truly deserves the cult status it has all over the world. If you want to understand the incredible wisdom of the gut, why diet matters, why gluten is bad and why food changes EVERYTHING, this book is a must. In fact – it’s a must no matter what. It will change your perspective.

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Before you read (a word of warning)
This book is one of the most well-written books, I have ever read on the topic of recovery and the autism epidemic. AND. It’s old. So many things have changed and when it comes to the treatment and the supplements suggested in this book, I would NOT recommend starting any of that. Some of the suggestions in the book are outdated.

It doesn’t take bio individuality and biotypes into consideration. It has none of the wisdom from Walsh, Williams and others about it. It disregards mom’s part of the journey

I recommend it because it brings HOPE. I recommend it because I agree with the brilliant description of the reasons behind this autism epidemic. AND the link between ADHD, autism, allergies and asthma.

We know now that the supplements suggested in the book can make some autistic children’s symptoms worse.
This was one of my favourite books in the beginning of my child’s autism journey, though and I met Kenneth A Bock when I travelled to The USA to participate in a conference for professionals and mothers at Autism Research Institute. It was my first step of my turnaround journey. I had to include the book here.

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“A Mind Of Our Own” by Kelly Brogan, Psychiatrist

I have included this book, because Kelly Brogan is an incredible expert from the traditional system (who went alternative) proving that medication is more damaging than healing for mental disease. And why we have to look at bio individuality and lifestyle/nutrition to deal with mental issues like depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar etc.

It’s an incredibly important book for those who have a hard time convincing themselves and others that mental imbalances are linked to the whole body and can be affected by addressing the human as a whole. Not just the mind.

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“Made Whole” by Christina Curp

We all need a bit of inspiration when we change our lifestyle and cook to heal. This book is my favourite all-round cookbook and it has all the classics in an anti-inflammatory, GF, DF version. This incredible woman also has a cooking blog. I don’t recommend her healing advice – just her recipes. She’s totally nailing those.

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“Clean sweets” by Arman Liew

Amazing, glutenfree, dairy free healthy cakes, treats and sweets. I LOVE THIS BOOK and I also love the blog if you prefer reading recipes online.
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