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Have you ever accidentally talked to or triggered an autism parent or an adult on the spectrum by saying that you are going for recovery through lifestyle, food and biomedical interventions? 

I have. 

I got death threats. 

I was screamed at. 

I was called an “ableist”. An unfit parent. 

I was told that my children should have been removed from me. 

I got cancelled. Ultimately my Facebook page with 230K followers which I’d worked on for 10 years was removed. I had to leave Tik Tok because 60K profane comments weren’t worth it…

All because I changed our diet, lifestyle and environment in 2004 and had the audacity to celebrate that my son was no longer stimming, lining things up, screaming, hitting us, refusing to get his nails cut, throwing tantrums everywhere and so on and so on…

The inclusion narrative goes like this: 
“Why would you want to get your child to stop stimming (repetitive, uncontrollable, self-soothing movements”? Stimming is great. Stimming should be celebrated.  Why would you want to change your child? Autism is something to be proud of” 

Isn’t healing.. that a good thing? Isn’t it better for a 4-year-old to overcome extreme behaviour, compulsions and obsessions before he grows up so that he can get to the best possible outcome, socially, emotionally and physically? 

Not in the “acceptance/inclusion” community.

A tribe that honours victim-mentality, indignation, and pride,  and wears diagnoses and symptoms like badges of honour. A community where mothers get their identity and their Instagram followers through their child’s autism diagnosis and symptoms. 

It’s a dangerous community,  because the more you scream, suffer and “cancel” people with different viewpoints – the more love, admiration and praise, you’ll get. 

Who is most vulnerable and at risk of being snatched up by manipulative tribes? People who are otherwise not admired or applauded. especially not for their struggles. Autistic children and teenagers belong to that category. I believe that’s why there are so many of them who turn out to be just like that screaming, yelling, aggressive and abusive parent. 

If you talk about your experience and motives, you are attacked and silenced. 
You are gaslit. Your viewpoints are totally dismissed. Waves of comments and reactions, drama, extreme, angry outbursts and a complete lack of empathy, social skills and critical thinking come at you like a Tsunami of abuse.
Because you should “honour” the symptoms instead of changing them. 

autism outburst

If we were talking about any other physical disease (like diabetes) – a reaction like that would be described as a mental disorder. But because we’re talking about autism – that reaction is endorsed…

Narcissism, borderline, histrionic, antisocial?
Could it be that some autism mamas are actually suffering from personality disorders similar to the ones found in woke-culture madness?

Hmm, let’s see…

Black and white thinking…Shifting and shallow emotions.
Provocative behaviour.
Needs to be the centre of attention. 
Abusive language. 
Lack of empathy and emotional control. 
Blame and vicious attacks.Lack of ability to handle criticism and take responsibility. 
Cold behaviour. 
Drama and exaggeration. 
Pathological victim mentality.
Easily angered.
Sensitivity to stress.
Unstable moods.
Eating disorders.
Inappropriate, intense anger.
Impulsive and risky behaviour. 

Read more about cluster personality disorders here:

Save your child from these people 
Now, these personality disorders are actually no longer rare, they are very common among students, and organisations based on ideology and “ANTI” movements. Could they be infesting the autism inclusion community as well? 
The traits surely seem to be the drivers for the behaviour in many “acceptance/pride/inclusion organisations, social media influencers and pride movements. 

So what’s my point? My point is: “Let’s stay as far away as possible from the victim mentality, pride and the communities that are built on them. 

Let’s stay away from the mainstream organisations that are obsessed with inclusion and pride because our children will eventually adopt the “pride, ideology and identification” that is indoctrinated here.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis, the organisations that are set up to support young people on the spectrum AND many parents encourage these traits. 

Unless you want to lose a child to the inclusion/pride cult – you should also be very careful with who you hang out with and who you let your children be around. If it’s all about T-shirts, indignation, protests and pride….it’s something to warn children against – just like you would protect them from any other bad influencers that can and will affect the outcome of their lives.

Here’s the youtube video about “Personality disorders behind wokeness”.
I am sharing this because I want us to prevent our children from being sucked into that kind of cancel-culture “wokeness.” And I actually believe that the mainstream communities are leading them down a dodgy path.

When you watch it – replace “left-wing” with  “pride movement and inclusion cults.” I am not political and I am neither leftwing nor conservative. 
But I am as scared as this American man who grew up with a narcissistic mother and left the wokeness cult because of its dysfunctional dynamic. 

Watch it and prepare to protect your child from abuse and from becoming an abuser too. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson