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In this post, I am sharing all the best pdf’s links, resources, videos, and podcasts about autism causes and the 5 underlying messages behind ANY SYMPTOM. If you are too busy to read – scroll down to access the resources below. I chose to write this blog post because this is the most important thing to understand if you want to help your autistic child when regression, stimming, screaming, sleepless nights, picky eating, anxiety or ritualistic behaviour, etc make you panic and desperate for solutions. 

I have podcast episodes, guides, Youtube videos describing this all over my website, but I want to make it easy for you to access this knowledge in ONE PLACE. 

Why do some recover when some don’t?

Here are a couple of uncomfortable truths:
If you believe what experts say about autism being for life and “un-treatable” – you will prove them right.

If you follow the mainstream path from diagnosis over therapy to acceptance, you will never understand the underlying reasons behind autism symptoms (because mainstream experts don’t know about these). But when you address the underlying messages – symptoms change. This is why you need to stop listening to outdated science and myopic academic viewpoints when it comes to autism.

The “inclusion movement”, the “pride movements” and the harsh attacks by adults on the spectrum and other parents on moms who are seeking recovery for their child have killed the voice of hope and the success stories worldwide. Ironically – the “acceptance and inclusion movements” have failed to include the recovered children and their parents and this is the reason why many end up having to go through life with many of the challenges that continue until we address the underlying issues (such as anxiety, aggression, challenges with social interactions, compulsive behaviour, and obsessions.) I am not here for it.

Don’t kill the messenger by focusing on symptoms. 

Don’t kill the messenger. Don’t panic and jump into symptom treatment. I can’t state this enough. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE BEHIND EACH SYMPTOM IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE SITUATION AND HELP YOUR CHILD. 

Why you can’t use other parent’s experience (or experts).

Autism symptoms (or any other symptom) are never “one cause, one solution” issues. Symptoms are messengers about the individual underlying issues for your child. Every child is different. In fact – what worked for one child might make your child WORSE. That’s the problem with ALL autism protocols, diets, autism practitioners, and spectrum supplements. “It worked for my child” is as irrelevant as “my partner is a great match for me”. What? Yes. Your child is SO bioindividually unique that it will need completely different foods and tools to recover than my child (or any other child). Just like your needs in a romantic relationship is completely different from mine. 

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Video Series: The 5 messages behind autism symptoms.

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What about diet, tests, and Biomed? 
When regression, tantrums, and symptoms get overwhelming, the urge to run to the experts to do testing, supplements or detox protocols can be overwhelming. 
I have recorded a couple of podcast episodes with the only autism expert that I personally trust and seek about why that is not a good idea. 

All about autism recovery and prevention

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson