Autism & Spirituality


Too busy? Need rest but feel guilty?

Are you too busy? 
Do you even have time to enjoy what you’ve worked for? Time to enjoy your family? 


Do you hurry and stress over unrealistically long to-do lists?
Do you use weekends to catch up instead of resting? 
Feel guilty when you rest or get sick when you take time off?
Is your soul tired?
Do you have to work hard to survive or prove your worth? 
Is there always something MORE you need to do, achieve, or accomplish? 

These are all signs that you’re busier than God wants you to be. 
Too caught up in the World. 


In this week’s sacred prayer meeting, we’re embracing lesson two in the stress-busting masterclasses in Barefoot Autism Warriors. 

Watch the replay to understand the cleansing messages in Psalms and learn how to rest, enjoy your life and SLOW DOWN. You will learn how Holy messages in the bible instruct us to rest and shows us that God wants us to experience peace (and how to find it.)

Grief? Grudges? Guilt?

If you’re feeling guilty about procrastinating the recovery journey or about not having done enough or the right thing for your child, you’re NOT alone. 

It’s normal to be extremely sad and/or angry, bitter at other people for harming or hurting you or your child. 
But it’s also destructive (long term.) Resentment only hurts you – not the person you’re trying to “teach a lesson.”

No matter how awful you were/are treated. 

Negative emotions and massive grief can destroy you. Like a tree eaten up by termites. Hollow inside. 

How do we heal our souls? What do we do when denying and downplaying don’t work… 

How do you get rid of guilt? As in – TRULY, FULLY remove all the negative feelings and the things we’ve done from our soul and conscience? 

Dark Valleys of Life part 1

Dark valleys are boot camps. We will all be taken through tests:

Regression in autism.
Grief, loss, and tragedy.
shame (after the diagnosis typically).
Fear, depression, and anxiety. 
Temptation, fake people, and betrayal. 
Judgment and ridicule. 

Stress, judgment, and feeling misunderstood. Are you going through dark times right now? There are spiritual rules for how to heal through a tough crisis. Running away, panicking, focusing on shadows/darkness, bitterness, or trying to avoid regression, dark times, and crisis, is NOT IT! After this masterclass, you’ll be a changed person, and you’ll have all the tools you need to find peace and a way through the darkness no matter how bad you feel right now

Dark Valleys of Life part 2

Stress Management Series 5: Handling Hurt/Conflict

Are you hurting in relationships?

Sons, daughters. 

The greatest joy and…STRESS!!!!!

If your child is fighting with you or resisting your turnaround process or if your partner is hurting you by being cold, resisting change, rejecting, or combative…

It’s absolutely exhausting. 

This week’s peace and prayer call will give you a loving, helping hand. 

It’s really important that you don’t ignore or deny the existence of conflict (hoping it will go away). 
Procrastination and denial are like ignoring an infected wound. It gets worse and worse over time. 

Don’t panic or run for the exit like people do when there’s a bomb threat and everyone gets crushed in the tsunami of consequences (children, husbands, family members.)

In essence: You can’t run away from hurt by binge eating, scrolling, shopping or lay low…
You know how any high (from sugar or other dopamine-driven addictions) is followed by a hangover.

So what are you supposed to do? Turn the other cheek? 
Get revenge? That will magnify the hurt even more. So will worry and fear. Bitterness allows the past to control you. 

Can you feel how you need this mastermind already?  The answers in this amazing prayer for peace call and bible soak will surprise and heal you at the same time. 

Stress Management Series 6: Fear of the Future

Fear the future? 
What if your child isn’t independent?

In this prayer call and peace from God, you will find peace and answers instead of panicking over dilemmas and questions like:

What if you die before your child is recovered? 
What if your child will always be a bit dependent on you?
How is their adult life going to be? 
Will they be able to provide for themselves? 

You will learn about the spiritual 24 H service hotline service for receiving mercy. God doesn’t turn off his mercy. But there are 5 things you need to know (and do) to be able to be saved out of worry and fear. 

You will also learn: 

Why we are NEVER punished through tragedy, disease or autism (that’s a hijacked, manipulated lie.)

Why you do not need to fear the future (and the lies of this world that makes you afraid.)

How God cares about you and fusses over + protects you just like you do when your autistic child is struggling and learning how to cope and navigate in this world.

The formula for getting all the support you need ( The F.I.R.S.T analogy).

The ABCD of salvation and protection for you and for your child. 

How to be kept on track (just like the shepherd and the sheep-dog keeps the flock safe and moving in the right direction. You can feel that safe and directed, too. 

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson