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Did you know that a reverse osmosis filter under the sink (or a house filtering system) can cause MORE symptoms,
more disease and that many of us are actually drinking… cysts and resistant bacteria? EEEEWWWWW. 

Honestly, this was a shocker to me. I had an under sink reverse osmosis water filter (a freaking expensive one, too) and I thought I was saving my family from contaminated water. 

What is the problem with under sink reverse osmosis systems?
There are only 2 different water filter systems in the world that effectively filter:

  • Distilled water systems (table model)
  • Reverse osmosis (TABLE MODEL ONLY – NOT under sink systems)

Why not under sink or larger (whole house) filtering systems?
I am going to link to the best podcast interview I have EVER heard on this topic below.

But here’s the explanation from Robert Slovak – the world’s leading expert in water quality and filtration:

“If you go to Home Depot, buying RO system, Costco, buy it, call the local dealer, your membrane will make between 50 and 75 gallons a day, but you and your family are going to use less than three.

So, that tank that’s filling up, it will never get emptied. It will never get emptied for days, weeks, months, and even years.

It will have water in it, the same water, at some portion of it. This becomes a microbial incubator.

And now that we have more chronic disease, more gut dysbiosis, more health problems than ever before, this is incompatible.
Your body cannot process this amount of bacteria.”

Drinking cysts?
“If you have compromised gut/stomach acid, a category of microbes/pathogens called amoebic dysentery or protozoan cysts can close up into a cyst form that’s like an army tank.

Nothing’s going to disrupt it. Nothing’s going to kill it. Chlorine isn’t going to oxidize it, even though ultraviolet does get it, which we’ll talk about.

Okay. So, it closes up until it finds a nice place in your intestines or your microbiome. And then, it goes through, and it starts to grow and multiply.

And it’s one of the most difficult things to get rid of. You’ve heard of Giardia?

They often call it camper’s disease because you can go to the most pristine stream, and drink it, and go, oh, this is fantastic water.

This organism cannot be killed by your stomach acid.

Children, infants, and the elderly don’t make a lot of stomach acid and they don’t inactivate the bacteria and the viruses.”

Autistic children can’t get well while drinking this water.
“You can get sick from even water with too much bacteria. You see, even organisms that aren’t considered pathogens, if they’re in high enough numbers, we identify them with a special word called opportunistic organism, meaning they’re going to take advantage of weakness in your body, because there’s so many of them, and they just go for it.

So, the water in an RO tank can become so microbially rich that especially a child with autism, with a gut dysbiosis, defective microbiome, they will never get better.”

And the parents are lovingly giving him their RO water from under the sink.

So, the first time I spoke at a autism conference probably eight years ago, I had to tell the mothers in the audience, you cannot give your child this RO water from your under-sink storage tank because it is going to make them sick and keep them sick.

So, it was a shock, really, the world. And people like alarmed, I can’t, what do I have to do? We just paid $800 for one of these.
I said, here’s what you have to do:” Robert Slovak (Interviewed on The Life Stylist Podcast (link below).

What to do if you have an under sink model and what’s the best table model if you want to replace it?
“You have to drain that tank every day. You have to make it make new water every day.
And for your child, if they have serious gut dysbiosis, you have to further disinfect that water because it won’t be enough for some children.
And then they said, what, we have to disinfect the water?
Yes. Here’s the easiest way I know of doing it. This is a product called the SteriPEN. You can buy it anywhere, camping stores, Amazon. It’s less than $70.”

Best models for water filtering
Slovak says:
“Reverse osmosis plus activated carbon (table model) and distillation plus activated carbon are the only two technologies
that are capable of removing or reducing every category of chemical. Never forget this. That’s your guideline.
For your audience, do not stray from these two restrictions. Both are valid.”

What about Kangen, Pristine Hydro and other brands?
“No. They are not adequate and they are not going to do the job.”

AQUA TRU table model is the best solution in my opinion (Ninka).

(Not an affiliate of Aqua Tru)

Or you can buy a water distiller system (table model) but it’s expensive and difficult to use.

Listen to the full podcast episode HERE

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson