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I am a spy in all the autism mom groups on Facebook so I know this for a fact:

1: Autism diets are the most common “shiny objects chase-trigger”.

2: Autism diets always have side effects and lead to disappointment.

3: Autism diets are ( as a whole) a false, misleading concept.

Want to know why Autism Diets Always Disappoint?

I am prepared for the anger this blog might cause in a diet-obsessed autism mom community.

Here’s what I found on Facebook. It’s crazy:

Autism Diet Insanity

Here’s a list of the most popular autism diets.

Diet culture is nothing new.

If you’ve ever yo-yo’ed your way through Atkins, low fat, high fat, low carb, calorie counting, or any old diet trend in real life…you know that they never lead to long-term, lasting results for weight loss…

So why do we pretend that diets can solve a problem as complex as autism ( caused by undermethylation, metal dysregulation, immune dysfunction, nature deficiency, mitochondrial dysfunction, infections, epigenetics and so much more?

My family was deprived and malnourished on low carb/Keto, SCD, and restrictive autism diets

Rigidity and stress

? There’s no difference between the rigidity, stress, deprivation, and confusion it causes in the weight loss/fitness community and the mess it makes for autism moms and our children.

? The sad part? There is no “diet for autism”.

? Period.

? Most diets actually make symptoms more persistent over time ( I’ll explain why and what to do instead).

My children right after my oldest son’s autism recovery.

? After 19 years in the community, I have to say that food is essential and diets are very very tricky because every child is different and their nutritional needs change all the time.

We now eat almost everything and have never been healthier.

? A diet that works for one child- absolutely destructive to another child. “

Negative long-term effects

? A diet that works well in the beginning often has a negative knock-on effect down the line.

? Any exclusion diet has side effects that people don’t understand.

? Gaps can cause extreme regression because of histamine and glutamates.

? SCD nearly destroyed my son before his recovery.

? And my health deteriorated.

? Gf/Df casein free is good but most people cause new problems for their child with high copper ( anxiety, anger, agitation) in plant milk and oxalates.

? A ketogenic diet is only advisable for a very short time and I would only do it for seizures. It’s as risky long term as Vegan/medical medium and those are the 2 diets I’ve seen the most damage from in the community.

? Many autism diets work against healing or against each other.

? Picky eating and stress in the family is an issues as well as eating disorders and lack of experience in health and self-healing in autism moms.

Disordered and picky eating.

? Most moms don’t know that binge eating, picky eating, and rigidity around food are often caused by undermethylation and nutrient overload/deficiency.

? Undermethylation also causes autism symptoms.

? The only way to learn how to adjust food and nutritional supplements according is to become an expert in interpreting symptoms and adjust accordingly in our own body first.

? In reality, the only way to find your child’s biotype is by becoming an expert in reading and understanding the symptoms/feedback you get from your body and adjusting diet and lifestyle accordingly because these needs change all the time.

It all starts with you

? The reason why We’re looking for experts, books, answers, tests, and cures is that we’ve become so detached from our body, from nature, from the subtle language of health and disease and the rhythms and cycles that we are born to live by ?

? Most autism moms are so exhausted and worn out by stress and most of us have focused so hard on saving the child that we can’t even feel our bodies. Let alone understand it.

? Stress causes poor immune function, elevated cortisol, and heart rate/stressful breathing.

? This impairs gut health and detoxification in children and parents because children subconsciously mimic and copy our stress.

? Diet is part of the puzzle but working on a diet without addressing our own health, healing and undermethylation is wasting time and money 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson