Autism Food & Nutrition


MTHFR is a myth. Multivitamins are dangerous. Probiotics, bone broth, and folate are not safe. No healthy food is benign. Stay away from autism protocols. There. I said it.

Most autism practitioners have good hearts and intentions. They still end up harming as many children as they help. 

The worst part? I wanted to create a list of the autism practitioners worldwide who knows this and can help you with this. And I only have 2 people on the list. One of which I can’t recommend because he doesn’t respect mothers and some children regress after seeing him. So I made this video. After watching it, please continue your research by downloading my free nutrition challenge

There are NO safe autism diets, supplements, and protocols. In fact, most autism practitioners, dieticians, and autism mamas get this wrong. 

In this video, I go through the most popular autism foods, supplements, tests, and protocols that more often than not INCREASE symptoms like meltdowns, anxious behaviour, panic attacks, rigidity, picky eating, anger, aggression, learning difficulties, obsessive compulsion, and seasonal allergies/eating disorders. 

Yes, this happens with detox cures, Nemechek, Gaps, Medical medium, green juices, bone broth, collagen, autism multivitamins, folate, methyl folate, b12, fish oil as well. 

You can literally save a child by sharing this video. These issues are linked to underlying biochemical imbalances and the lack of understanding of bio-individuality. 

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson