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Parasites indirectly kickstarted my son’s autism turnaround. 
These disgusting creeps forced me to change my life in a way that ended up saving him from symptoms. That’s why I’m hosting a parasite cleanse in The Autism Turnaround community this month. 

But first – let me tell you a scary story about worms in our butts ( you probably have them ) and the horrible experience I had with resistant parasites.

Me with acne 

We were on vacation: two exhausted, overweight parents, our toddler and our (still undiagnosed) 4-year-old. My oldest son’s symptoms were getting out of control. 
He didn’t sleep. He didn’t speak. He was violent, aggressive and impulsive. He was lining things up and flicking light switches all day long. 

Before autism turnaround: Unhealthy food

We bought pizza every day. And Coca-cola, chocolate, ice cream and nuggets (that’s all he ate, and we certainly deserved it.) Not that the food back home was much different. We were unhealthy. We were also tired and didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. 

Then this happened. 

I was taking my hyperactive, screaming oldest son to the bathroom and here’s what I saw: 
White worms wiggling in the toilet. Oh, shit (pun intended). That explained the itchiness and discomfort at night, which we all suffered from. 


My son having tantrums

This type of parasite is very common in schools, nurseries and kindergartens. Pinworms lay eggs right outside the butt at night. Eggs are spread via air and fingers. They end up in your mouth and hatch inside the body, turn into disgusting worms (hundreds every day) and on and on it goes. 

I boiled the bedding every night. We slept with gloves on. I disinfected EVERYTHING all the time. We took the prescribed medication. One week, two weeks, three weeks. NOTHING WORKED! 

Me unhealthy

I am a journalist, and a frantic journalist with worms in her butt gets busy researching how to get rid of them; I can promise you that much. Here’s what I found out:

a) De-wormers are over-used by vets, and parasites are becoming resistant.
b) Parasites thrive on sugar and junk food. That’s all we ate.
c) The immune system – which should have dealt with parasites and bacteria, is impaired by stress. We were completely stressed and overwhelmed. 

Check, check and check. 

This was my initiation into holistic thinking and lifestyle. I realized that we had to:

After autism turnaround: Healthy food

a) Get rid of sugar and junk food ASAP because parasites were the only creatures in our household and in our bodies that were thriving. 
b) Heal our nervous system and support our immune system. 
c) Find a natural parasite cleanse that WORKED. 

Healthy teens

Long story short. I found a way to do all that. And within three months, we were not only worm-free but also lighter and healthier and….my son’s symptoms started to disappear – one by one. 

That gave me the motivation to keep on going. Four years later, my son was symptom-free, and I had lost 20 kilos. My sons and husband didn’t need their asthma spray anymore; I no longer had acne and cellulite. 

I’ve just uploaded a brand new parasite cleanse training into my Autism Turnaround Program. The teacher is the same herbalist that has helped some of my autism moms with nonverbal children improve their children’s abilities via his herbs for inflammation and Lyme’s. You can get access to it now if you’re interested. 

Dr Alan Hopking the Herbalist

Amazing feedback from the podcast

Remember that a parasite cleanse is great – but it is only ONE piece of the complete healing puzzle for your child. Do you have a complete game plan and step-by-step process to turn autism around? If not, consider joining The Autism Turnaround membership program before prices go up on March 3. 

In fact, I’m doubling the price from £1500 to £3000 

The final day to get it at the current price will be March 3, 2023.

After that, the new 2X price point comes into effect.


It’s necessary.

The price needs to reflect the value moms (+ their children and families) are getting from the program.

For the last 2 years, I’ve worked with over 200 moms, and built out case studies. The results (which you can find on the page linked below) speak for themselves.

It’s become obvious that the price has to go up. Otherwise, I’m underselling the program.

The Autism Turnaround Program will also change into a membership where I will add to and update the training sessions so that they’re always relevant and based on the latest in the field of autism and health. The training will continue in the same vein, where I’ll collaborate with you in the membership with the goal to turn you into a successful case story. The only thing changing is that it’ll be done at a significantly higher price.

So, if you’ve been wanting to turn autism symptoms around — and if you’ve been thinking about turning every stone to get your child to as much independence as possible — consider joining before March 3.

Membership is for “life” (i.e. lifetime of the program as long as it’s sold and offered), and if you join now you’ll be getting in at the best possible price.

Plus, you’ll be joining just ahead of some really epic upgrades coming to the program, which are happening in the next few months. You’ll be grandfathered in now and get those for free.

I’ve loaded all of the details  onto a new page, which you can find here:


GOT PARASITES? SYMPTOMS CHECKLIST. (extracted page from the handout)

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson