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Just a little last-minute message from me from the sofa. Bertram made this set-up for me – wrapped me in my duvet, topped up with pillows and hugs. He is the sweetest soul. My whole family is really supportive right now as I am preparing for the removal of these implants that are making me ill.

Next time I write from my bed, it’s all done…
Very soon you will receive an email about how it went. I can’t wait. Some days feels like a severe hangover (today is one of those days).
I am going to share the full story in a blog and a newsletter with all the details about supplements to mitigate against the toxic effect of the PCR test, the general anesthesia, and my full recovery plan, including devices, herbs, creams, tonics, and remedies I use for healing.
But for those of you who are worried about the Graphene oxide in tests (I am),  let me share what I am using to protect mitochondria: I USE THIS (Liposomal Glutathione with Lemon Mint )

It’s better for some people to use transdermal glutathione and REMEMBER that glutathione has a big side effect due to the negative feedback loop and influence on serotonin and dopamine. Moodswings, dark thoughts and irritability. Yes. That’s right. For me, it’s worth the benefit of glutathione this time. I have avoided PCR tests for so long and I can’t deny it if I want to remove my implants. So I’d rather take the test than live with these extremely toxic bags in my chest. 

In the eye of the storm.
Covid & overcoming in the fallen Universe. 
As you know, I see our children as messengers. Symptoms and problems show us where we are not walking in integrity, truth, innocence – serving God. Respecting nature. 

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The autism turnaround experience taught me to be hyper-vigilant and sporty dark players (disease makers, psychiatrists, victim-based autism communities, junk food industries, big Tech, Big Pharma, mainstream media, entertainment, industrial farming and our wicked ways of treating each other, animals, nature and our children. It was (and still is) a Matrix that we need to wake up from in order to exit and heal. 

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The Covid Matrix is challenging autism families. The Covid Matrix is even more extreme. Every day the narrative becomes more and more absurd, threatening, and dark. When you know, you know. This is a battle between good and evil. As you know, many of us have recently woken up to the fact that the New Age movement is a hijacked community designed to distract the awakened ones and tempt us into another false Matrix. 
If you are new to this realization, you might notice that the mediums, channels, and occult remedies (which are all hijacked and unsafe) feel “off”, narcissistic dirty, manipulative and immature.


Remember that protection comes from walking in integrity. Prayers. Serving God, dedicating time every day to be guided by holy guidance, and stepping away from the dysfunctional darkness in all its expressions. Whether it’s a channel, a medium, a New Age video service (like Gaia, have you noticed how dark it’s become), or a false preacher/teacher/church or cult. I use THIS PRAYER JOURNAL and THIS APP

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Vaccine chaos and New Age infiltration of the “truth movement”.
I truly believe that we are beyond the breaking point – meaning: we are not going to get through this WITHOUT faith and direct connection to God. This is a spiritual war.

The “truth movement” has been infiltrated by New Age and hidden AGendas, which is why it’s probably a good idea (to put it mildly) to cut ties with and unfollow doctors who are still connected to channels or questionable, false light New Agers like Lorie Ladd, Jason Shurka, Phil Good, Elizabeth April and possibly Joe Dispenza. 

Be compassionate, though. I was recently tricked by these people and recommended them. Some of us are just waking up to this massive deception. 

I know that many families right now struggle big time with pressure from Governments, family members, and employers forcing the V@ksine on them. It is baffling to me that anyone would consider this experimental shot for children with autism.

As a research-based journalist, I am horrified at the lack of ability to see through the hidden agenda. I encourage you to study the data. There are 3 reliable groups of mainstream doctors, experts, and lawyers who are creating awareness (sharing the latest from them below). 

Sharing this important information with you.
I am staying away from all social media, news, information, and work (so many new insights and aha moments that I can’t wait to share about that btw.)I have one very well-informed source that sends me the most crucial information via Telegram. Some of it is too important for me not to share with you urgently. I accidentally deleted my Telegram Channel the other day. I take that as a sign. I haven’t created a new channel yet and I am not sure if I ever will. Let’s see.
Doctors for Covid ethics online summit/symposium.
(Don’t miss this one LIVE  and in replay on-demand here )

America’s frontline doctors Latest summit (all the details, lies, truths, and recommendations suppressed by mainstream media

Dangerous Covid lies

Dr. David Martin, CEO of M-CAM International (risk management) has reviewed 4,000 Coronavirus patents.
He appeared on Sitting #60 of the German Corona Committee on July 9 2021 to share his findings in a 90-minute discussion with lawyers of the Ausschuss and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Germany’s most experienced lung doctor. His clear and verifiable conclusion is that there is nothing at all novel about the SARS-CoV-2 gene sequence used as a basis for the Covid vaccines.

Further from a patent standpoint, there seems to be no way of knowing what exact sequence is being used in the vaccines and therefore what people are being injected with. Drs Martin & Fuellmich consider this situation to be a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) legal case.

View here: Dr. David Martin – Patents Review shows SARS-CoV-2 is no novel Virus – July 9, 2021

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