Autism Food & Nutrition


I had visions of melted cheese on toasted bread. I could taste it. I could smell it. My body called for it. Did I force myself to stop thinking about this and drink a smoothie instead? NO.

I drove to the store and bought gluten-free rye bread and organic mature cheddar. 

I turned on the toaster. The smell of toasted bread filled the house as I cut chunky slices of yellow cheese and opened a package of organic butter. 

5 minutes later, melted butter and soft cheese and butter dripped from the crispy corners of the bread on my plate. I used a knife and fork. 
Enjoyment isn’t a fair description. DEEP satisfaction maybe. Bliss. Happiness. 

After that – I felt amazing. I didn’t have any reactions as I used to in the old days (bloating, bad breath, acne, constipation, slime). There was clearly something in the cheese, bread and butter that my body needed. 


Do you want to be able to eat cheese and chocolate without getting out of control, bingeing or having serious reactions afterwards? 


I want that for you as well. 

I believe that we’re born resilient. 
I believe that the body is designed to call for what it needs. 
I don’t believe that lifelong restrictions or extreme diets are healthy or even necessary. 

Does that mean that you can go and buy pizza, cheddar and chocolate and get the same experience as I’ve just described? Not yet. 
Let me describe why and how we get there. 

To build resilience, the body needs to: 

1: Get a break from all trigger foods. 12 months.

2: Heal and rebuild/repair (12 – 24 months.)

4: Replenish nutrients and dump excess nutrients/metals. 12 months.

5: Build resilience. 12 months. 

It has taken me decades to get to a point where I (and my kids) can eat most things (except soya milk and gluten (milk doesn’t work for me either, but cheese every once in a while is fine.) IT DOESN’T have to take you that long because I took notes and systematized the tools I used to get there. 

There are five messages behind food intolerances/food reactions and eating disorders. We need to address them ALL. And don’t worry – I’ve put all the tools into five short videos I’m also linking to below. 

First, you must understand that your thoughts and mindset affect EVERYTHING. From the way that your body processes food to the way your child reacts to food (they react to stress, fear and expectations from you, and they even copy your lack of self-care when it comes to nutrition by refusing to eat Also, If you believe that food is dangerous or needs tests, experts and dieticians tell you what to eat and what not to eat. that will become your reality. 

Nature deficiency causes food intolerances, picky eating, digestive problems and cravings. This is something that it takes me five modules inside my course to teach you, so I can only give you a hint. Dysfunctional body clocks, lack of light and grounding, plus indoor, artificial lifestyles will damage the microbiome, increase cravings, damage the metabolism and lead to behavioural, hormonal and physical imbalances. 

Emotional and physical healing is needed for you to be able to eat intuitively without restriction and without causing chaos. This is VERY important for your child as well. 
very often, lack of self-knowledge, detachment from our body and endless diets/stress/over-performance has destroyed our intuitive guidance regarding what to eat and feed our children. This is something we’re born with and a gift we lose in our modern, stressful, unnatural lifestyle. You can regain access to this ability. It is something that I am an expert in teaching mothers. It normally takes three months to master this skillfully. But after that – you have food and freedom for life. 

Environment. You need to change the environment that made you sensitive to food. 

Bioindividual nutrition. 
We’re all very different and what we need to eat changes. We need to understand our unique triggers (and our children’s. We need to understand the role of methylation, the microbiome, infections, inflammation, neurology, mould, candida and so much more to understand food reactions and build resilience. 4 years ago, I decided that my mission in the autism mom community is to educate moms so that they can BECOME experts in all of the above and stop running to experts to find the answers. 

Inside my course, I teach women how to use candy, chocolate and cakes to heal their metabolism and self-sabotage patterns. 

I believe that cheese, cake and ENJOYMENT are needed to turn autism around in a sustainable, lasting way. 

Restriction control. And 80 % of my clients are control-freaks already. That’s how they got so unbalanced that autism had to wake us up and force us to change our lives completely. 

The 5 videos (and the road to more cheddar & chocolate) 
You can find my free video series “The 5 messages behind autism symptoms” here. It will cover everything you need to know about how I got here and how you can walk in my footsteps to heal. 


Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson