Autism Food & Nutrition


How do I get my nonverbal child to speak?
How do I stop tantrums & regression?
How do I end picky eating?
How do I get my life and relationship back when I feel broken, tired, and unable to do any more than I already do? 

After secretly listening in on our private coaching call inside the Autism Turnaround Course, you’ll understand why we THINK we need to find the right answer/practitioner/test/protocol/pill/diet to SOLVE the problems but….there’s a BIG problem with that approach (and that’s why I decided to share this recording with you.)

Remove the problem = remove the clue (key to healing).

In this video I reveal the importance of understanding the four CLUES in every symptom:
1: A supernatural/spiritual clue.
2: A biological/neurological/physical clue.
3: An emotional clue.
4: A biochemical clue.

Removing symptoms is the ACTUAL reason why moms don’t see lasting results. 
Until you understand the clues, instead of “killing the messenger” the symptoms will come back without exception. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson