Autism & Spirituality


Part 1

Financial Freedom: Wise Management Part 1: God wants us to prosper.

Ok. Are you ready for this? When Deanne taught me these Bible lessons about making, handling, creating and growing money, I was like…WHAT???

This is the solution for those who:
Find it hard to finance the healing journey and afford it.

Are depending on people, circumstances and New Age tools to feel financially fit and safe (not gonna work). 
Have fear around money or struggle to make ends meet. 
Struggle with our health, autism symptoms and life (it’s all linked.)

I truly understood how “The Law Of Attraction” is a dark & hijacked concept that is NOT of God and how all these false teachings like Millionnaire Mindset, Manifestation, Prosperity Gospel etc are twisted and corrupted versions of the truth about becoming financially fit. 

So far – the results I am having from implementing these rules for life
 (combined with the lessons about handling crises & building character through Dark Valleys are: 

Complete and utter peace around money and my life purpose. 
No stress (I have always been stressed around money before – whether I had a lot or nothing. No more. ) 
I always have what I need and I am very modest in my needs and dreams as well. God provides. 
No fear around money.
Clarity in how to make and keep and grow my funds. 

The first 3 laws of Financial Freedom:

Here are some surprising topics covered might trigger or tempt you into joining this Bible/prayer call series: 

The law of possession.  (Your money is not yours and the way you handle God’s money will make you either poor or rich. 
The Law of allocation. You have been given certain talents. But where do you use put these tools to use? And do you?
The law of accountability. You will be held accountable for what you put your time and money into. 
How God teaches us to be debt free. 
How to become a manager of time, influence, health, mind, relationship and opportunities. 
Why people who can’t steward their life, health and decisions also have messy relationships with money.
How to realise what your talent is and how to make money from it. 

The law of attraction is an inverted, false version of the law of handling money and prosperity that God created. 
The sacred way of being financially fit (even during financial crisis) and a spiritual reason why you might be struggling with money. 
Why Jesus talked more about money and handling them than He talked about Heaven and hell.

Most of us have a messed-up relationship with money. Start healing yours on this call. It’s important. In fact – it’s urgent. 

Financial Freedom: Wise Management Part 2

I hope you enjoyed the first call in this series. It’s getting hot in here…
Part 2 will be hard to hear for all the procrastinators/thyroid types out there. 

On the other hand – you’re about to learn a lesson about waiting and procrastination that will change your whole attitude toward the turnaround journey, your situation, and your excuses…

No matter if you’re a procrastinator or not…this call will unlock your life purpose and talent. So don’t waste it…

You will:

Learn why NOT using talent, opportunities, time, money, intelligence and energy wisely have horrible consequences for you.
It’s a straight-up sin in God’s eyes.

End the painful patterns of comparing yourself to others. 

Move through the role of fear and learn why it’s a deception. 

The importance of “Risk Appetite”.

The law of application (use it or lose it) – why God takes things away from you and how to avoid that. 

Rest and balance as KEY components to success. 

The law of compensation. (Rewards, tests, and acknowledgment from God). 

Part 2

Financial Freedom: The Law of Contentment

This session in the series: “How to become financially fit” is about one of the most important spiritual laws when it comes to money: 


We’re greedy by nature (and misguided). God truly wants us to prosper, but there are things that we learn in this fallen world and things that are in our nature that lead to the opposite: 


Longings for things

In today’s call, you will learn how to RESTRAIN YOURSELF.
You’ll also learn how important it is to be able to surrender and how He can provide much more than you can imagine when you stop chasing success, money, and things to fill a void only God can fill. 

We’ll cover: 

Wanting more and the dangers of it. 
Greed and Hoarding. 
The art of seeking LESS and acquiring as little as possible. 
Anxiety and the art of exercising anxiety (stop it).

Exhaustion and wearing ourselves out to chase money is THE OPPOSITE of the road to prosperity and God does not want you to suffer from fatigue. 

Part 3

Financial Freedom: The Law of Sowing and Reaping

I can’t describe my gratitude for the lessons you’re about to receive (I already completed them, and they changed my life.)

Are you struggling with a lack of results, lack of healing, lack of money, and stagnation, you need this call. You’re not sowing the right type of spiritual seeds, and that’s why you’re not reaping.

Part 3 in the “Spiritual financial fitness” is SO relevant for autism recovery too. 
You’ll learn why INVESTING (time, money, effort, talent, commitment) WILL BRING YOU MORE. 

You will receive the spiritual (God’s) sacred laws for sowing and reaping and understand:

Why everything starts with a seed and how to recognize pure, spiritual guidance.

How to spot negative and positive seeds and stop planting the negative ones.

Why your life is “barren” and without joy, growth, healing, and how to fix that. 

Why waiting for God, the child’s recovery or a big idea is NOT IT. Nothing will come of that approach. 

Why God is waiting on you and for what…

How you are tested RIGHT NOW and how to pass the spiritual test and have a breakthrough. 

The wisdom of SEASONS and why patience is needed. 

What to do while waiting..

How to increase the harvest and how to sow in order to reap the harvest (autism recovery.)

The art of giving and what seeds truly are? 

The law of delay and Kingdom principles. 

The importance of downgrading, downscaling, modesty, and ending vanity. 


Part 4

Financial Freedom: The Law of Habits to Financial Health

This prayer calls about money blew my mind. After leaving New Age spirituality and focusing on materialism, manifestation, and all that crap, I also realized that many churches were hit by greed, money hunger, and prosperity gospel. None of these are pure, long-term, Godly strategies. 

But there’s a GODLY way to make money and feel at peace and safe. 


I was utterly surprised to learn what you’re about to learn about wealth, financial freedom, and being financially fit.

Are you ready to:

Leave the hamster wheel and busyness so that you can enjoy life (and money) the way God intended.

Multiply and learn how to get God’s blessings on your finances.

Make money honestly and with integrity. 

Give to the giver (God) because if you hold on to money without giving Him something back, you will not prosper. 

Part 5

Financial Freedom: Where to invest

You might be wondering if you need these prayer calls with Deanne and why we’re even getting into something as triggering (for some) as God’s word when we’re here to recover your child from autism. 

I understand. I was skeptical too. I spent a whole year questioning, battling with, and being irritated with the Bible and trying to make it go away. When I finally surrendered, life became so much easier. 

I never lack peace anymore. 

I never lack answers anymore. 

I never am confused about what’s right or wrong anymore. 

The answer to the question: “why prayer calls and bible study” is simple: Our children are messengers from God, waking us up to the many areas in life where we’re out of integrity, off track, or tempted into the ways of the world. 

Money is a gift from God. Autism is a gift from God. Whether or not we have problems, fear, lack, chaos or faith, peace, healing, provision, and our life in order has to do with HOW WE INVEST. SPIRITUALLY, FINANCIALLY AND IN THE TURNAROUND PROCESS. 

On this final call and bible study teaching you the spiritual laws for financial health and freedom, you’ll learn: 

? The different types of investment that will give you the most bang for your buck. 

? How to hack the spiritual growth fund (and avoid financial and spiritual bankruptcy.

? What your character has to do with your current financial situation? 

? Things you need to BUY  AND INVEST IN RIGHT NOW to get more abundance in your life. 

? The difference between spiritual junk food and soul food. 

? The dangers of materialism. 

? Why you should never walk past a homeless or a person in need. 

? The Global Fund and how to invest in it. 

? The money tree is called “Tithing” and how to make it grow. 

? I really hope you’ll enjoy this call as much as I did. 

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson