Autism & Spirituality


I am not big on unannounced visitors. Not even if it’s family.
I can assure you that this unannounced visit changed my life and my perspective. I’m still in shock. 

When my son had severe autism (Yes, I’m writing in the past tense because all of his symptoms are gone), I was in denial. It was too much to take in.

Sometimes I need other people to remind me how bad it was because I’ve blocked out the most traumatic parts of what I call “the dark phase of autism”. I need witnesses. 

My mom is one of those witnesses. She was there on the day he was born. She visited us when my son went from neurotypical to unrecognisable. No language, and no eye contact but plenty of aggression, screaming, eloping, ritualistic behaviour, etc. 

You’d have thought that we’d covered all the events by now…My son recovered in 2008, and he IS 23 after all. But now. That’s why this unannounced visit from my mom last week was so important. 
She told me something I’d completely blocked from my memory. And I needed to be reminded. Painful as it is. It would help if you heard this too. Because what my mom told me was the reason why my son is recovered and lives a normal life now. 

It was not in the cards. 

“You have to remember how far he’s come”, she said as we sat down over tea after I’d picked her up from the train station (by bike because I am in the tiny home and my bike is my only “vehicle” most days. 

She was referring to my recovered son. I was filling her in on some struggles he had when he was in England (that I shared in a previous podcast about gluten/personality disorders).

As she continued talking, I knew the reason why I NEEDED this unannounced visit, this piece of information, and I could feel the tears wash away all irritation  as she reminded me: 

“Don’t you remember that the doctors said he would never walk? They also said that he would never be able to be without supervision. They said that he would only get worse as he got older. They even asked you to start looking for institutions because they told you to “dump him”…”

And then I remembered. 

My mom continued: 
“You were crushed. I remember you saying, “NO, MOM. I am not going to accept this destiny for him. There’s got to be a way to save him. And then you started researching, exercising his body and brain, traveling to medical conferences, and changing everything from his diet to where (and how) you lived your life as a family.” 

Even though I remembered most of it, I’d blocked out the essential parts. As my mom spoke, I had a clear sense that God was sending me messages through my mother, and I felt a peace between us that I had never felt before. It was clear that I needed to be humbled, reminded, and bring this message to you. 

The horrible prediction (doomsday scenario) that doctors cast over us (like a negative spell) and how everything (especially my son’s life) would have been entirely different if I hadn’t resisted that spell. 

Even though they were the experts with all the knowledge, experience, and qualifications (or so I thought) to tell me how my son’s future would turn out – I heard a voice that was more powerful and truthful, and that was the intuitive guidance that I now believe was from God. My whole body reacted; I knew they were wrong and had to find another solution for my child. 

That intuitive guidance had been with me for a while, but I ignored it when I felt hesitant to vaccinate my child and give my child antibiotics and processed baby food. This time though, I had run out of ways to deny the truth and obey authorities. My son was getting increasingly worse the more I followed mainstream experts’ and doctors’ advice. So I stopped. 

I am telling you this because most of the children I saw in parent/child groups back then who had parents that believed in and followed these experts’ advice are still severely autistic, and they ARE in institutions now. Their parents don’t have much to say when it comes to what foods they are eating. They will probably never become independent. 

Why is this relevant to you? 

? Right now, you will be in denial and numb because you’re so stressed and overwhelmed, and you might need to talk to someone who can see this situation from the outside (it’s hard to see the whole picture when you’re inside the frame.)

? Right now you’re in danger of falling victim to experts that can destroy your child’s future simply because you’re overwhelmed and running out of strength. 

? We are educated and tested through our children’s difficulties and diagnoses. 
? Autism is a wake-up call. If we follow the experts and idols of this world, they end up changing our children’s direction and future negatively. 
? Not because they are evil but because they are misled and misinformed and myopic in their viewpoints. 

? With your child’s struggles comes a gift of discernment, a second chance, and intuitive guidance that tells you how to change your life, create miraculous changes, heal your child and prove the experts wrong. 

? When you’re most exhausted and overwhelmed, the ways of this world, the outdated experts, and temptation can get access to you. Remember how I had been so exhausted that I don’t even remember how severe my son’s issues were? When we’re this exhausted – we want someone or something to take over, take responsibility, and tell us what to do (plus support us financially) This is EXACTLY when you need to be strong and listen to that NO within you and go against the mainstream, do the opposite of what most moms do and save your child. Even when people think you’re crazy for thinking that you can. 

?Do you feel too overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused to do this on your own? Do you want to talk to me about your child and how I might be able to support you and come up with strategies that might help you? I know that feeling. 

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson