Autism & Spirituality


In the beginning, I was angry. I wanted revenge. I wanted justice. I needed to find out who had DONE this to my child. Was it the doctor? The food industry? The hospital? The nurse who told me to stop breastfeeding when he was 3 months old and give him formula? 
The more I looked for someone and something to blame, the more empty I felt on the inside. I felt consumed by anger. I also had a lot of criticism and resistance from others. I felt sorry for myself. I also spent precious energy focusing on the past (which I couldn’t change).  Have you asked why did autism happen to you?

At some point, I decided to focus on the future (which I could change) and use my time to create a new reality by changing my beliefs, lifestyle, and diet.

Here are the 3 surprising things I learned about autism:

It’s a sign of disconnect.

Reconnecting is healing. The reason why my son regressed into autism was a disconnect. We were disconnected from mother instinct, natural food, nature, intuition, community, and truth. We let go of the TV, gaming, processed food, and indoor zoo lifestyle and started to spend time in nature every day. Autism has a message for you. The message is: “something’s gotta change.” What does that mean for you?

I “needed” autism in order to wake up.

I have stopped looking for someone to blame for my child’s autism. The reason is very simple. If my son hadn’t been exposed to all the triggers that lead to autism, I would not have had my wake-up call. We would still be in front of the TV, eating pizza and Mcdonald’s meals. I would still be depressed, anxious, overweight, and detached from my body AND from my children. 

Autism is a healer & a messenger. 

It forced us to change EVERYTHING. Who am I to question or even blame the cause of something that HAD to happen so that we could become the hope and inspiration for so many autism families worldwide?

What is your wake-up call? 

What can you spend time doing instead of looking for someone or something to blame? 
How can you surrender to the purpose of it all? 

Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson