Autism Turnaround Path

The Autism Matrix: Designed to break you & your child.

What if you have to step away from the people who diagnose, support, and treat autistic children? Including mainstream autism moms, support groups, practitioners, and “experts”? 

I believe that these children are here to save us, not the other way around. They are highly sensitive antennas and they instantly react with severe symptoms when they experience toxic food, unnatural, artificial environments, dark people, manipulation…

You are chosen (by God) to wake up and change your family’s life and lifestyle and that is what will change the symptoms AND bring hope for healing to other families. That’s exactly why dark forces target your child from childbirth right into adulthood. To invert and twist the plot and destroy the sacred plan for your life and keep you stuck in chaos, stress, hopelessness, and helplessness.  

Did you know that both diagnosis procedures, therapies, and autism organisations most likely PREVENT children from getting the support they need for an independent life because of outdated approaches and HUGE gaps in knowledge? 

Did you know that “early diagnosis” might actually mean a lesser chance for true change in life quality, turning symptoms around, and independence in the future?

Did you know that if the people that diagnose children don’t check for (or address) the most common, underlying imbalances that cause most autism symptoms (and that they are treatable)?
Did you know that if we follow the mainstream procedure for diagnosing, coping with, and treating autism, we unknowingly teach them to identify with the diagnosis, get caught up in the bad company, and even become easy targets for manipulation, groupthink, and impairment by symptoms for life? 




Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson