Dear one.
I have to repeat and emphasize that you should NEVER read or share the PDF’s that I share in my podcast description today without listening to the FULL podcast episode. I use prayer and preparation and explanations in the podcast that is absolutely CRUCIAL for you. It is not advised to look at the PDF’s without the prayers and the information in the podcast.

Also – if you share it, make SURE that people listen to the podcast and don’t just read the Pdf. I understand that it’s tempting. Don’t do it.

This podcast is crucial for autistic parents, awakened warriors, and people who are leaving, have left, or are still in the New Age movement, spiritual business, consumed by ideology and “justice”,  holistic health communities, MLM, or the sexual liberation community. 

The map for the spiritual warfare. 
Make NO MISTAKE. When you wake up to the deception and dark agendas in the mainstream matrix, there are SEVERAL other matrices set up to trap you, turn you away from God, Destroy your soul, body, spirit, family and economy.

Why? Because there’s a spiritual war for your soul. A fight between good and evil. And the dark side will not win if you turn to God, truth, innocence, purity, nature, humbleness, kindness, service. The dark side wants you preoccupied, distracted, weak, poor, sick, afraid, depressed so that you don’t fight against evil and stand up for animals, children, truth and good. 

Darkness disguised as love, health, success, and light
I have personally been trapped in every single one of the matrices that I share today. Even after leaving the mainstream matrix. Even after leaving New Age and seeking God. If you are a caring person and if you are intelligent, my guess is that you will be deceived too. Simply because you are important for the future of this planet. There is a war going on for your soul. 

This podcast episode was the most challenging EVER to get recorded and brought to you. I had expected that there would be spiritual attempts to block it (just like there always is when you expose the darkness.) That’s why both you and I need prayers. 

I was debating whether or not to share names of spiritual people that I have stopped following because I consider them hijacked/false. But I constantly prayed about it and the answer was clear: “You have to share this. “

It will be my last attempt to EXPOSE for now. I have done what I can now to try and connect the dots and support people who get trapped into new matrices every time they leave one. 

After this podcast, my work will now be focused on what I am a real expert in: 
Turning autism (and symptoms) around by addressing the 5 underlying messages behind ANY symptom. 

If you haven’t listened to my first testimony about leaving the New Age, do that first HERE 

In today’s podcast episode, I share:

? The updated Matrix Overview Map:
? The updated Fallen world Map.
? The checklist (how to test if something or someone might be false/hijacked)
? The Spiritual family tree. Who is who and how are they all connected?

? 2 prayers for protection that you MUST listen to before reading. 

? The complete overview of the Matrices set up to trap the awakened ones, the wise people and the good-hearted would on the planet. 

? The Elite Matrix
? The Mainstream Matrix. 
? The Health and Diet Matrix.
? The Ideology Matrix. 
? The New Age/New World Matrix. 
? The Business Matrix. 
? The sex Matrix.
? The false light exposers 🙂

? The Checklist (so that you can research any influencer, diet, movement, or expert and use discernment to see if they are of God or possibly hijacked, dark, false light. 

The family tree
To get you started on your personal awakening and understand how so many people with charisma are also deceived by the hidden agendas and the matrices and how they are (probably) unknowingly connected and connecting to lure as many people into the snare of the fallen world of greed, mammon, pride, vanity, arrogance, lying, stealing, sex, and destruction. 

You will be surprised. I am still adding new people to the list and I pray for every single one of them.

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