Here’s a crazy real-life example that will make you question the screening and tests like DSM-5 and ADOS. 
What would you do if someone locked up to your child because of a diagnosis that shouldn’t ever have been given?
Horrific, right.

Get this…
If a diabetic has severe hypoglycemia – that person looks like a drunk. In some instances – diabetics have been arrested because of “drunk” behaviour caused by hypoglycemia. If that person isn’t examined by someone who knows about diabetes and the underlying cause for this behaviour…It can have fatal consequences. 

EXPERTISE in UNDERLYING root causes is CRUCIAL because without it, we can ruin someones life, health and future…

We wouldn’t send a child with a broken leg to a brain expert, would we?

Yet…we’re sending children with physical, biological, mitochondrial, neurological, and immune-related problems to psychiatrists or behaviour analysts to diagnose our children….

They are given a diagnosis that will affect them for life and change their future without knowing that the expert aren’t looking at root cause problems that can be addressed (and affect the symptoms.)

In today’s short-form Q & A podcast episode I am answering the question: 

? Are autism tests accurate? 

When I found the answer AFTER my son was diagnosed I was both shocked and angry…



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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson