Why is my autistic child reversing pronouns, echoing or parroting instead of speaking? Non verbal autism is on the rise and if you’re worried about your child’s future – asking yourself: “Will my child ever speak and what can I do to help?” – I have recorded this podcast for you…


Non-verbal autism is misunderstood and mistreated in the mainstream, special needs, speech and behavioral therapy community. 

It’s almost always caused by one of the 3 underlying issues (that you can address) that I am describing in detail in this week’s podcast episode: 

?Epigenetic insults and imbalanced methylation pre – during or after pregnancy. 

?Neurological under-stimulation. You can re-develop the brain to hardwire the skills your child needs (starting today.)

?Emotional/psychological issues. (we have to talk about this…..)

Listen to this value-packed and short podcast and regain hope while you collect tools you can use to help your child now.  

Love from me…




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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson