When you are unhappy and struggle, it is a sign it wants you to change direction.

Joy and happiness on the other hand are SIGNS that you are living ON PURPOSE.

It’s the way of saying “YES, GIRL, YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING”.

So why is it that most ambitious women spend all day pleasing, over-performing and down prioritizing all the things that makes us happy and how can you begin to use pleasure as a boost for your success, health, flow and freedom in life?

Pleasure, time, rest and SELF CARE are KEYS to success and I used all 3 (joy, happiness and pleasure) to attract 10.000 followers on Instagram and my dream life in peace and freedom with my own company and time for my family and loads of ME time.

I used to hate Mondays because I lived for weekends and Holidays.

All I wanted was a PAUSE from my reality. If that is you, you need this podcast to turn things around and begin a love affair with weekdays and the life you live between Monday to Friday.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson