My son is sharing his version of this vulnerable truth as a bonus at the end of this podcast episode.

We’re talking about gluten. 
We’re talking about how addictive and destructive gluten is, which is exactly why my son sometimes can’t resist it (despite the consequences).

In this revealing podcast episode, you’ll learn things about us (and gluten) that you probably didn’t know.


It wasn’t easy to share this truth on the podcast

I feel called to share this (even though I don’t want to) because:

? An opioid effect causes gluten addiction, and for my son, it started in the womb (because I ate it) and in his first four years as a gluten-devouring child (before recovery).

? Chances are your child will cheat with gluten as well (or eat it accidentally) and you need to know what to do and why it happens against your will. 

? Gluten is so addictive and destructive that one sandwich can change your child’s life quality and ability to make good decisions and heal.

? There are five main reasons gluten is so damaging (and it’s not something a food intolerance test picks up.)

? It’s indirectly destroying brain cells. 

? No one can break down gluten (it’s a game of Russian roulette to eat it no matter if you feel the reaction yet or not). 

? It’s a biochemical and supernatural dark portal through which addictive pathways are triggered. This is how food companies manipulate your child (and it’s also how dark entities control your child and your life). 

So many things I regret about food and my decisions…unknowingly giving him access to it too early and being too naive are some of them…

? This is something you can see by the way that this “food” affects and disrupts all the areas that lead to healing (and God) (innocence, honesty, purity, health, healing, peace, family, and respect.)
? It causes horrible immune responses that can destroy the body. 

? It causes inflammation. 

? I am sharing this vulnerable reveal because our children’s battles also reveal our blind spots, addictions, and lessons that God’s taking us through. 

Every symptom and setback is an opportunity for growth, and my family (and yours) are escaping slavery through autism recovery just like God’s people escaped Egypt. The tests and trials we’re facing are supernatural, and you need to know the spiritual rules for overcoming setbacks to win this battle. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson