This podcast episode about an unusual autism recovery journey and an extraordinary mom is not a clear-cut “before – and after” story. 
If you’re curious about what it feels like halfway into the autism recovery, what it takes, how long it takes, and what you need to do (and stop doing) to see lasting results, then this podcast episode is IT. You’ll get a rare glimpse into the life of a family still collecting pieces for the autism recovery journey and the patience, surprises, and sacrifices it’s involved so far…


Hilde has seen incredible changes in her son since 
he was diagnosed with autism in 2015 and gradually regressed into autism symptoms until he was COMPLETELY GONE.

The lack of sleep, eloping, lack of eye contact and stress caused suicidal thoughts, numbness, and depression for his parents. Biomedical experts helped a bit – but not enough to create lasting changes and at some point, Hilde thought that she’s run out of options to help her child. 



But then Hilde found a way out for herself and her child (and she’s still walking on that path.)

She realized,  that she’d been a people pleaser, totally neglecting herself, detached from her body, and from feeling anything at all. She also discovered, how her own childhood trauma and the wake-up call through autism were linked.

She learned how this wake-up call from God involves her whole family and how it gives her a second chance in life while helping her son get better. 



 Her son is no longer nonverbal and eloping.
 He’s bonding, talking, and very loving/caring.
 Hilde’s relationship is no longer suffering so much because of autism parenting stress and exhaustion. 

 Hilde still has a long way to go. That’s her words, by the way, not mine. 

 And that’s exactly what makes this interview so fascinating. 

? Listen to an exceptionally vulnerable and moving conversation about going from diagnosis and hopelessness to finding sacred clues for how to recover a child from autism. 

? Hear why methyl folate and candida were preventing her son from getting better and what Hilde has learned from me,  Dr. Barendse, (who teaches inside the Autism Turnaround Course), and Dr. Mensah. 

? Learn how neglecting your own needs and being a full-time carer and people pleaser might prevent your child from healing and ruin your relationship. 

? Learn how Hilde dealt with extremely picky eating (and how you can do the same) and where she’s at today (and what she still needs to learn.)

? Remember – autism recovery isn’t a linear process. It requires patience, willingness to change almost everything in your life, AND the ability to listen to and follow the clues that God sends your way all the time. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson