In this interview with Dr. Rachel Haman:

? Why crooked teeth, tongue position, narrow palates, and facial features are crucial signs that can’t be ignored (or untreated).
The real reason why children have sensory issues and how to change it via the nervous system (and oxygen.)

Dr Rachel Haman

? Why is sensory-seeking behaviour caused by stress in the womb, during birth, or in the first two years of development? 
How stimming starts in the nervous system, and it’s a sign of stress in the nervous system. It should be fixed, not “honoured or normalized”.

? Why Ipads and indoor lifestyles are catastrophic for toddlers and how they can contribute to autism symptoms. 

? Why regulating the nervous system involves giving it movement, oxygen, and nutrients.  Lack of crawling and tippy-toe walking and the link to causes neurological stress.  How bedwetting is linked to mouth breathing and lack of oxygen. How teeth grinding and dark circles reveal that your child is not sleeping well through the night. Development problems = craniofacial problems. Need to fix those. 

Dr. Rachel Haman

Dr. Rachel Hamel holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer West and is certified in adult/pediatric craniopathy, applied kinesiology, clinical kinesiology, holistic methylation therapy, quantum neurology, craniobiotic technique, and neuro-emotional technique. She works with in-person patients outside San Diego, CA, and virtual patient consults from around the world. 

Dr. Rachel Hamel has used these methods to reverse autoimmune, chronic infections and inflammation, chronic pain, brain injuries, hormone and fertility issues, and mental health issues in thousands of patients. Her perspectives have been featured in Forbes, the World Federation of Chiropractic, and the and The Journal of Chiropractic Education. When she’s not empowering patients, you can find Dr. Rachel with family and friends or hiking in God’s creation.

Dr. Rachel Hamel DC, PAK, CSCP
Wholistic Cranial Chiropractor


Myo Munchie (Chewing device)
Stimulates the muscles and the palate to begin to grow the palate. The palate is so important because that’s part of our airway. The upper palate, the upper mouth is like the Pandora’s Box of the head, every single bone, minus our mandible, which is our jawbone, functions through that upper palate. Any part that’s not optimal for that person will affect the whole brain and face dynamic. It’s the starting function of the brain.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson