If you’re not shocked by this podcast episode, you have a heart of stone. In it, I reveal the sad story of 3 autism moms that came to me too late—broken by the most common autism symptoms and the most common autism therapies (that don’t work.)

This podcast/youtube video is a personal message for autism moms like the 3 moms I spoke to last week. Stimming, eloping, nonverbal autism, tantrums and picky eating were just some of the symptoms that stole their child, their happiness, their dreams for the family and their future. Disillusioned after having done EVERY diet, therapy, diet and protocol out there with no results for the hours and thousands of dollars wasted. 

I dedicate this podcast episode to 3 moms that didn’t make it. They came to me too late. Too battered by the autism therapy industry to battle anymore. To drained financially, emotionally and practically to trust me. Or anyone. 

I created this episode to: 
Save new moms from the expensive experiences these moms went through, which cost them a fortune, didn’t change symptoms and made them give up on the “autism healing” community altogether. Whilst losing precious years that could have been used to redevelop the child’s brain and 

Expose the insane “State of the Union” in the field of autism therapy where ineffective  “coping strategies” that cost more than a house is recommended by the “experts who diagnose and misunderstand our children.

Go through and describe the “dark phase of autism” a very normal phase of autism that HAS to be followed by change if it’s not to become our prison. 

Warn autism moms about the most popular autism therapies, diets and protocols such as Nemechek, Gaps, heavy metal detox, TRS, homoeopathy, neurofeedback, ABA, OT, autism supplements, camel milk etc.

Explain the underlying reason behind autism symptoms like stimming, eloping, anger, aggression, mood swings, rigidity, sensory issues, and lack of social skills and learning and how to address these reasons to change the outcome. 

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson