When one person died while others got severely ill and Marci was able to hear conversations between family members without being with them – she began to realise that something supernatural was happening. And it wasn’t good. 

People are waking up to the dangers and dark truth behind energy and frequency medicine. Biohackers and alternative healers promote machines like “Somavedic”, Rife and homeopathy and quantum medicine.

Initially people get well or experience relief when getting into these practices. That is a trick to hook people into bondage that only deep dives into the warnings in the Bible will reveal. Marci also experienced some relief but as with all New Age and spiritual practices that are not of God – the need for more treatments and endless to-do-lists of healing sessions followed. 

My interview with Marci Julin shows how destructive these anti-healing modalities are. 

Marci loves God and she’s a Christian. Her story is warning. When she was looking for solutions for her autoimmune disease and extreme hormonal imbalances, she got into energy medicine and muscle testing.  

In this captivating conversation she shares the highlights of a dramatic story that ended with God miraculously healing her permanently. Revealing the biblical truth about energy medicine and true healing.  

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Women’s Bible teacher, speaker, and author of When You Can’t Trust His Heart, Life to the Body, & Ouija Medicine, Marci Julin founded Heart & Mind Ministries to provide biblical help for the hurting. Marci spent 17 years sick with 13 diagnosed conditions that led her into the world of energy medicine. Since turning from energy medicine to the truth of the Bible, God completely healed her. Marci Julin’s exceptional breadth of knowledge from many hundreds of hours of research, intimate involvement with hundreds of individuals participating in energy-based practices, and an emphasis on Scripture will provide answers that satisfy. You will not find trite answers or judgment in her teaching. Instead, Marci writes as one who was deceived, delivered, and by God’s grace, healed, so join her on a journey to question the narrative and uncover the truth.

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson