Let me tell you two things about self-sabotage, that you won’t believe is true. Honestly.

You NEED to master the art of self-sabotage if you truly want to heal and turn autism around. 

The more intelligent you are, the more sophisticated and extreme, your self sabotage patterns will be. 

Sounds like an upside-down situation, I know. That’s why I decided to record a podcast about it so that you can learn to spot and heal your self-sabotage patterns. 

If you don’t, they can actually destroy the turnaround process, block the effect of any diet and lifestyle change and cause a lot of stress for many years to come. 

In this podcast, I give you all the insights and secrets about this highly underrated emotional problem that ruins 90 % of all diet – and lifestyle changes. Even the ones you try to do for your child:

You’ll learn:
? Why you keep making decisions about changing your life, diet and lifestyle AND falling off the wagon all the time. 

? Why you don’t see results from any autism diets or protocols that you try for your child until you understand the nature of self-sabotage. 

? Why some mothers jump from practitioner to practitioner or from diet to diet without any results (and why it’s not about the diets or the practitioners.)

? How to spot the most common self-sabotage mechanisms and distractions so that you can stop preventing yourself (and your child) from healing. 

? Why you NEED self-sabotage to fully understand and heal yourself (and others) and how shame and guilt is the LAST THING you should feel. This one will blow your mind. 

? Why intelligent women often have such sophisticated self-sabotage patterns that they don’t even notice that that’s what they do. 

? The real reason behind sugar addiction. laziness and lack of commitment. 

? Why pain can be addictive. 

? Why therapy and coaching don’t work, but healing your inner child does. 

Listen to the podcast and please subscribe and give us 5 stars for this podcast on Itunes or wherever you listen to this podcast.


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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson