Sometimes I have to take a break from following other autism parents and Biomed practitioners. Sometimes I even have to stop following parents who go to Biomed practitioners or other parents for autism recovery.


Because of what I have witnessed over the past 15 years.

A LOT of great intentions, online courses, diets, protocols, tests, clinics and practitioners/dieticians, and VERY FEW REAL CASES OF RECOVERY.

I know what it feels like to get your hopes up, run out of time and money because “it worked for other autism children” but you are still left with tantrums or other symptoms after yet another intervention.

Picture of my son getting a blood test

The truth is: Biomed is not for beginners. Other parent’s experience is not going to heal your child.

They might give you clues or one piece of the healing puzzle. NOT the whole solution. Ever.

I am not saying this to be arrogant or seek attention. I am saying this because it actually hurts my heart to witness the grief, stress, and frustration this causes autism parents.

I am saying this because I TRULY want to help and tell you how to get results by trusting yourself more and by realizing that YOU are the expert and there IS something you can do instead.

In this podcast I share:

?The BEST NEWS EVER about your possibilities for turning autism around and why the most stressful and expensive courses and experts out there isn’t the best solution.

?Why so many parents waste time and money on protocols, practitioners, therapies, and even other parent’s well-meaning advice and what these people CAN’T help you with.

?The many missing links and gaps in knowledge that almost every single practitioner, dietician, AND autism parent who teaches other parents to have in their approaches.

?The 3 most important secrets about autism recovery.

?The problem with Academia and experts and why other parent’s success stories rarely is a good alternative.

?The 5 components in deep healing and why autism parents often fail the test (you should put them through).

?Why only mature and conscious people heal and the difference between experts and your expertise.

?What the best practitioners are capable of and how to find them.

?The new paradigm for autism recovery.


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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson