One early morning 2 weeks ago, I had to jump online to assist 3 new moms (beginners) in my membership. They panicked because their children were regressing. This podcast episode is a recording of the strategy I gave them (THAT WORKS) after they cried and wrote:

“I can’t take the stress and the screaming anymore”.
“I need more than prayer meditation and grounding for my child”. 
“I have to find a test or a therapist to get some relief for my child”. 


Trust me, I know how regression feels. I remember the 2 years without sleep + the fear, the constant eloping, stimming, aggression, and rituals. But I also know what works and what never ever works if we actually want to turn symptoms around as I did for my son.

In this podcast episode, you will sneak into my membership and receive coaching I only give my inner circle members about turning symptoms around and regression.

You’ll learn:

? Why most moms panic and go straight into knee-jerk reaction and why that exacerbates symptoms.

? How to test if you are a mom who will turn symptoms around or not. And how to become one. 

? The EXACT 3 steps to truly turn autism symptoms around and how to begin next week. 

? Why is the turnaround process is SO much more than grounding and praying. And which part of the journey will take 4 months (at least)

? What you need to accomplish BEFORE turning to tests, experts, and diets (and how to find the right one (there is only a handful).




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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson