Yes, you read that right. I only have one breast now. In the podcast episode today I tell you all the details, show you all the secrets and some pretty shocking facts. 
…but I have 100 new insights and tools to share with you. In fact, the way that I am feeling about this and the lessons, that I’ve learned already fills me with SO MUCH GRATITUDE.

 I bet you didn’t know what I am sharing in this episode…
For example: 

That glutathione, Vitamin A, E, C, and nuts/plant-based milk and greens can PROMOTE CANCER GROWTH if you have cancer (particularly for autism moms?

Did you know that both sugar, KETO diets, Medical Medium/vegan diets, and high meat diets cause growth, metastatic growth, and resistance to treatment?

 Did you know that cancer and autism have so many similar root causes and effective remedies for recovery? 

Did you know that autism-moms are at high risk for developing cancer and that there are things you need to do and change right now to prevent it? Do you know that we already have many mothers with cancer in the community right now?

Did you know that repurposed, less toxic drugs to treat parasites, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol have shown tremendous effect in killing cancer cells and preventing growth?
Did you know how important mainly plant-based, low fat, no sugar diets are in the “kill phase” As well as fasting and exercise? 

 Did you know that “Chris Beats Cancer”, “The Truth About Cancer”. “Kriss Carr”, Medical Medium, AND the book “How To Starve Cancer” can be dangerous for autism-mamas with cancer because they have some serious missing links and gaps in knowledge when it comes to undermethylation, Copper overload, the metabolic profile of cancer, and our (freaky) bio-individual needs as autism mamas?

 Did you know that mainstream cancer treatment completely misses the importance of – and ways to – address stem cells and metastatic growth (which almost always happen after surgery)? Even though they quite easily could. 

Get all the details, all my remedies, the secrets, and all the things I am not allowed to share on social media in the podcast episode HERE. 


How To Starve Cancer book and course 
(remember to listen to my  full podcast episode today to understand the missing links in this otherwise sound approach.)

Care oncology clinic ( my COC protocol)

Autism, cancer risk and undermethylation

My full  (shocking) explant Story

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Written by Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson